Are aftermarket gun magazines good?

The number of aftermarket magazines available for pistols beyond the M1911, M9 and Glock have increased exponentially. It’s not that they’re all good; there’s just so many brands available. While it is difficult to make a blanket statement, many brands of aftermarket magazines are really good.

How many mags should I have for my pistol?

In short, you should have a minimum of three magazines for each pistol you own. However, I recommend that you have between 5-6 magazines for any pistol you plan to use as your everyday concealed carry pistol.

What is an aftermarket magazine?

Aftermarket magazines were the extras you kept in your range bag, suitable for saving some time on the range but not for actual use as backup reloads. The actual backup magazines you carried were factory magazines. Factory magazines were and are usually more expensive than aftermarket magazines, and rightly so.

What is a MEC GAR magazine?

Mec-Gar, the worldwide leader in firearm magazines manufacturing for both OEM and aftermarket customers. Mec-Gar manufacturing operations are housed in three modern facilities with more than 75,000 sq ft located in both Gardone Val Trompia and Gussago in the Italian province of Brescia.

Are SGM tactical magazines any good?

These replacements seem as good as the Glock magazines at a much better price. These look just like the glock model and perform just as well. No failure to feed. For less than half the price you can’t go wrong.

How many mags does a Marine carry?

In military terms, your basic combat load is at least seven 30-round magazines for an M4-style carbine rifle and two spare high-capacity pistol magazines for an issued personal defense weapon. Those who were issued a custom-built 1911 carried as many as seven spare single-column magazines for their .

Can you bring loaded magazines to a range?

Most shooting ranges have no problem with you bringing loaded magazines, as long as they are separate from their respective guns. If you have spare magazines for your pistol or rifle, load them up before you leave so you can spend your time at the range shooting rather than loading.

Does Mec-Gar make good magazines?

The major gun makers who use Mec-Gar magazines include: Beretta, FN Browning, Colt, CZ, Kimber, Llama, Remington, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, STI, Tanfoglio, Taurus and Walther. Because they build a high quality magazine at a good price.

Does Mec-Gar make sig magazines?

40 S&W – 10 rounds. If you are looking for a magazine for your SIG SAUER P226 pistol, choose the magazine manufacturer that is the most trusted in the industry. Since 1965 Mec-Gar has been a world leader in the production of magazines for the largest firearm manufacturers and militaries in the world.

Is SGM Tactical Glock magazines?

SGM Tactical is in the business of manufacturing durable Magazines that feed flawlessly, fit perfectly in your firearm, and last for years. This 33-round Magazine is made from DuPont composite/glass-filled polymer and features a stainless steel spring. Magazine fits all Glock 17, 19, 26 and 34 pistols chambered in 9mm.

Are GLOCK magazines plastic?

GLOCK magazines have a stiff metal tube encased in the proven GLOCK high-tech polymer. Magazines with extended floor plates are available in calibers 9 mm Luger, 40 S&W, 380 Auto and 357 SIG.

Where can I buy a 9mm pistol magazine?

Buy premium 9mm magazines online from the best brands on the market. Our collection of 250+ pistol magazines in 9mm are available in a wide variety of brands, colors, capacities and price ranges.

Which is the best aftermarket gun magazine to buy?

These aftermarket magazines give you maximum capacity and undeniable reliability. Gun Pro Sure Fire magazine. Your firearm, no matter its make or age, is only as good as the magazines you feed it with. Rockin’ reload! This 9mm Sig P226 is getting fed a fresh Mec-Gar 20-round magazine. Mec-Gar magazine. Brownells’ 7-round magazine.

What kind of magazine does a semi auto pistol use?

CZ P10 C .40 S&W Semi auto pistol 12 round magazine – 11525The CZ-USA P-10 C Magazine is a standard factory replacement magazine. This magazine is for P-10 C models chambered in .40 S&W and holds 12 rounds of ammunition.

What are the different types of handgun magazines?

The goal of our vast handgun magazine selection, available in a variety of colors, calibers, capacities and price ranges, is to help you find a reliable, affordable magazine that meets your unique shooting needs and personal tastes.