Are AGDQ donations tax deductible?

Donations made through RCE are tax deductible.

How much did AGDQ 2020 raise?

Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ)

Dates Venue Amount raised
January 8–15, 2017 Hilton Washington Dulles, Herndon, Virginia $2,222,791
January 7–14, 2018 $2,295,191
January 6–13, 2019 Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, Rockville, Maryland $2,425,790
January 5–12, 2020 DoubleTree Hilton, Orlando, Florida $3,164,002

When did AGDQ?

Games Done Quick/First event date

What charity does AGDQ support?

the Prevent Cancer Foundation
Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) is held in January each year and is usually devoted to raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) takes place in June, July or August, with the goal of raising funds for Doctors Without Borders.

How does Gdq make money?

Games Done Quick is a charity fundraising organisation that has raised money for charity via speedrunning over the last ten years. Events are streamed live online, non-stop, and all donations go directly to the charity.

Do Gdq runners get paid?

The runners you see on the GDQ streams do not get paid by GDQ. Some of the more well-known names make money from their Twitch streams/social media presence, but as far as I know not directly.

What is the most Gdq has raised?

By the end of AGDQ 2021, the total number of runs broadcast during GDQ over the years will hit 3,151, with 2,627 prizes given out, and 2,289 bids placed on those prizes to enter for a chance to win them. AGDQ 2020 currently holds the record for the most money raised for charity, totaling $3,164,002 between Jan.

Do GDQ runners get paid?

What is the most money Gdq has raised?

Do Gdq Speedrunners get paid?

Does Gdq donate all money?

Before the end of AGDQ 2021, GDQ has now raised more than $30 million for charity. The donation total for all DGQ events at the time of writing is $30,405,494.25, raised by 226,140 donors across 610,650 donations. You can view a full breakdown of GDQ’s historical statistics on the event’s official website.