Are Amarr ships good for PvP?

Used in fleets to cripple larger ships, but can also be very effective in 1v1 PvP with proper fitting. While it has two turret slots, most pilots prefer to reserve the crucifier’s capacitor for EWAR and tank, since damage dealing is not its primary responsibilty.

Is Amarr good?

While some other races have tech two cruisers that are kind of blase (Caldari heavy assault cruisers) or overspecialized (Gallente recons), the Amarr tech two cruisers are all excellent. They boast useful bonuses, forgiving fitting specs, and get better the more skillpoints one invests into them.

Are Amarr ships good for PvE?

Amarr ships can be good for PvE. But their damage profile, with lasers doing EM/Therm damage, means they’re only much good against Sansha and Blood Raiders. The other races have a bit more flexibility in the NPCs they’re good against.

What are the characteristics of an Amarr ship?

Characteristics. The Amarr lineup is characterized by the following: Armour tanking. Amarrian ships have high base armour and several ships have direct bonuses to armour resistances ( Tech 1 examples: Punisher, Maller, Prophecy, and Abaddon). Armour tanks can be extremely powerful in both PvP and PvE applications.

What kind of ship is the Amarr executioner?

The Executioner is the Amarr fast-attack frigate. It is extremely quick, and packs a decent punch. Its bonus to the capacitor cost of Propulsion Jamming modules also makes it good at “tackling” enemy ships, holding them in place. However, it is relatively fragile. Here is a recommended fit for the Executioner.

Which is the best ship to cross train in Amarr?

Cross training into or out of Amarr can be quite skill intensive. The easiest prospect is probably Gallente (armour tanking, gunnery and drone synergies) with Minmatar second (some gunnery and armour tanking synergies).

How to make Amarr ships in Eve University?

Then you can simply drag and drop your ship icon into the Lecture.E-UNI chat, to provide examples of Amarr ships. The Ship Tree is an excellent resource for students to follow along with the lecture. Keep the lecture moving forward briskly – there is a lot of content to cover here, and it’s easy to go over two hours if your pace is slow.