Are Amir and Sanjeeda together?

Aamir and Sanjeeda welcomed Ayra in 2019, reportedly through surrogacy. They are said to have separated soon after. They have largely refrained from talking about their break-up. Earlier this year, in an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Sanjeeda talked about her equation with Aamir after parting ways with him.

Is Sanjeeda Sheikh married?

Aamir Alim. 2012
Sanjeeda Sheikh/Spouse

On 2 March 2012, she married her longtime boyfriend Aamir Ali. In August 2020, it was revealed that the couple has a one-year old daughter, Ayra Ali, through surrogacy.

Does Sanjeeda Sheikh have a baby?

Popular TV actress Sanjeeda Shaikh and her estranged husband Aamir Ali became parents of a baby girl in August 2019. They welcomed their little daughter Ayra through surrogacy. While Aamir shared the first photo of his child on her birthday, Sanjeeda refrained for posting her pictures on social media.

What is the age of Sanjeeda Sheikh?

36 years (20 December 1984)
Sanjeeda Sheikh/Age

Who is Sanjeeda husband?

Sanjeeda Sheikh/Husband

Who is sanjeeda husband?

How old is Shweta Tiwari?

41 years (4 October 1980)
Shweta Tiwari/Age

Did Aamir and Sanjeeda divorce?

It was reported the couple has been living separately. After a few days, a report of Sanjeeda and Aamir having had a baby via surrogacy made it to the headlines. According to the source, Sanjeeda and Harshvardhan have supposedly started working on their second project together.

Is Shweta Tiwari tall?

1.73 m
Shweta Tiwari/Height

Who is Shweta Tiwari son?

Reyansh Kohli
Shweta Tiwari/Sons
Shweta Tiwari has shared new pictures of her kids Palak Tiwari and Reyansh. Shweta Tiwari and her daughter Palak Tiwari have shared pictures of fun times with her son Reyansh, as his father, and Shweta’s estranged husband Abhinav Kohli, accused her of not letting him meet Reyansh on Father’s Day.