Are Autoguard tyres any good?

Autoguard tyres are known for being durable and reliable, and the SA602 is no exception. These great tyres give you great grip in both wet and dry conditions and the tread has been designed to reduce road noise as much as possible while travelling.

What tire brands are made in Thailand?

Thai Manufacturers of brand tires and Suppliers of brand tires

  • Sumitomo Rubber Industries.
  • Sentury Tire (Thailand)
  • Llit (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • Zhongce Rubber Thailand.
  • Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing (Thailand) Company Limited.
  • Otani Radial Co., Ltd.
  • Seaswift Shipping Services Co., Ltd.
  • Wl (Thailand) Ltd.

Which is the best TYRE manufacturing company?

Top 5 Tyre Manufacturers

  • 1) Michelin. Michelin has been one of the world leading tyre manufacturers for more than 125 years.
  • 2) Goodyear. With over 100 years in the field, Goodyear have developed their technology to offer a prestigious product.
  • 3) Pirelli.
  • 4) Continental.
  • 5) Bridgestone.

Are Bridgestone tires made in Thailand?

At present, its manufacturing capacity in Thailand accounts for 10% of the total, with production of Bridgestone rubber tyres worldwide totalling 1.8 million tonnes. Of the total, some 83% of the output is automotive tyres, he said. Both brands also run manufacturing facilities in Thailand.

Are Falken Tyres made in Thailand?

Initially, the Thai plant will produce only 14- through 18-inch Falken Ziex ZE-912 tires, but other brands and sizes may be manufactured in the future, said Kuroda. Ninety-five percent of the tires built at the factory will be exported to the U.S.

Which TYRE company is No 1 in the world?

Tyres 10 2018 Ranking

2018 2017 Name
1 2 Michelin
2 1 Bridgestone
3 3 Continental
4 4 Goodyear

Is Bridgestone owned by Michelin?

In 1989, Michelin acquired the recently merged tyre and rubber manufacturing divisions of the American firms B.F. As of 1 September 2008, Michelin is again the world’s largest tyre manufacturer after spending two years as number two behind Bridgestone.

Who is Bridgestone owned by?

Ishibashi family

Bridgestone’s headquarters in Tokyo Square Garden, Tokyo
Owner Ishibashi family (10.2%)
Number of employees 143,616 (2017)
Subsidiaries Firestone Tire and Rubber Company

Are Falken tires bad?

In Our Opinion: Falken tires are an excellent option for drivers looking for a high-performance or all-terrain model without the expensive price tag. We like Falken’s long-lasting tread life warranties and high customer satisfaction ratings.