Are federal district court cases published?

Like the federal courts of appeals, cases from the federal district courts are not compiled in an official reporter. Instead, many cases from the district courts are published in West’s Federal Supplement.

Are federal cases public record?

There is a record for all cases filed in the Federal Court since 1984, and for all cases in the Federal Circuit Court since it’s inception. Matters where a pseudonym has been assigned to a party are not searchable in Federal Law Search.

Are federal court documents public?

Federal case files are maintained electronically and are available through the internet-based Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) service. You may also conduct nationwide searches to determine whether or not a party is involved in a federal case.

What court cases are published in the Federal Reporter?

The fourth and current Federal Reporter series publishes decisions of the United States courts of appeals and the United States Court of Federal Claims; prior series had varying scopes that covered decisions of other federal courts as well.

Are US District Court decisions binding?

Generally, district court opinions are not binding on other district courts or on courts of appeals. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has made it clear, “A single district court decision . . . has little precedential effect[, and i]t is not binding on . . . other district judges in the same district.”

Where are federal district court opinions reported?

“Published” Federal Appeals Court Decisions Decisions issued by U.S. circuit courts of appeals (the intermediate level of appeal in the federal system) that are selected for publication (“published”) are published in the Federal Reporter.

What happens when a case goes federal?

In the large majority of federal criminal cases, defendants will plead guilty and avoid going to trial. In that case, the defendant, now fully aware of the existing evidence, will go back to court and, after proper education about the meaning and consequences of a plea, will plead guilty in open court.

How do I look up someone’s record?

But, for the most part, anyone can go to a court clerk’s office (and, sometimes, on a court or state agency website) and search the files for records of conviction for a certain person. Sealed records. An exception to the public access rules applies when convictions have been sealed by the court from public view.

How serious is a federal indictment?

A federal criminal indictment is a serious matter, because it means that the criminal investigation has progressed to a point where the prosecutor now believes that he or she has enough evidence to convict.

Can anyone get a PACER account?

PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) allows anyone to to pay a fee and view documents filed using CM/ECF. Anyone can sign up for a PACER account, whether they are an attorney, law student, or member of the public.

What is the difference between published and unpublished opinions?

Selective publication is the legal process by which a judge or justices of a court decide whether or not a decision is to be published in a reporter. “Unpublished” federal appellate decisions are published in the Federal Appendix.

How do you know if a case is binding?

The decisions of the appellate level courts are binding case law – – judge-made law – – that inferior courts must follow. Remember, to bind is to tie. When we say someone’s ‘hands are tied’, we mean they have no choice. Judges are bound – – required – – to adhere to the law established by these appellate courts.

Where can I find list of federal court cases?

Like the federal courts of appeals, cases from the federal district courts are not compiled in an official reporter. Instead, many cases from the district courts are published in West’s Federal Supplement. If a district court case is published in the Federal Supplement, TheBluebook dictates that you cite to it (Table 1, p. 235).

How are federal court decisions published in the press?

Decisions issued by federal courts are printed in reporters. Reporters group cases from the same court “level” together; for example, decisions from the Supreme Court will be published together in a reporter, but that reporter will not include decisions from cases at the circuit or district level.

How many district courts are there in the United States?

94 U.S. District Courts — The federal trial courts are referred to as district courts. Each district court comes within the jurisdiction of one of the circuit courts. The geographic boundaries falling within in circuit court is illustrated below. District court opinions are published in the Federal Supplement (F. Supp., F. Supp. 2d, etc.).

When was the most recent federal court case decided?

However, there is generally a significant lag between when the Court decides a case and when it is published in the United States Reports. As of November 2017, for example, the most recent volume of the United States Reportscontains cases decided in mid-2012.