Are Harvard air hockey tables good?

This is a nice mid-level table. By mid-level I mean that it doesn’t provide arcade-level size and play, but it works very well in a large family or play room. When it arrived I was pleased to see that, while it carries the “Harvard” brand name, it is built by Escalade Sports.

How much does a Harvard air hockey table cost?

Quantity Pricing

Quantity Price
2 – 5 $581.99
6 – 9 $569.99
10+ $551.99

Is a 6ft air hockey table big enough?

The most common size for home tables is six feet in length. This is large enough for almost all children to enjoy (and if they’re slightly too small, they’ll soon grow into it), and large enough to allow adults to get into their stride too. You can view a large selection of our 6ft home air hockey tables here.

How much is a real air hockey table?

Small air hockey tables and tabletop models can be found for under $100, though larger versions with lots of extras and features can go for well over $1,000. If you want something that meets regulation sizing standards, you’re probably looking at $800 or more.

Why are air hockey tables so expensive?

Large puck air hockey tables tend to be more expensive, but this is because they are built to last for years of play, even in a commercial establishment.

Should I buy an air hockey table?

Buying an air hockey table is a great investment for any game room. It can provide hours of fun for players of all ages—from kids to seasoned pros. Not every type of player wants the same kind of air hockey table, though.

How do I choose an air hockey table?

Look for an air hockey table that is supported by a sturdy base and legs for a table that will last. Steel legs or wood laminate legs are best. Give the table a push and be sure it’s solid. Look for an air hockey table that has leg levelers so you can level the surface for consistent play.

What is a good air hockey table?

Best Air Hockey Tables Worth Considering in 2021

  • Best Air Hockey Table Overall. Valley-Dynamo 8 Ft.
  • Runner Up. Dynamo Fire Storm Air Hockey Table.
  • Honorable Mention. Viper Vancouver Air Hockey Table.
  • Consider. Sport Squad HX40 Electric Air Hockey Table.
  • Best Air Hockey Table. Playcraft Sport 40″ Air Hockey Table.