Are Hymax couplings reusable?

Can Hymax couplings and nuts/bolts be re-used? Yes, our bolts feature anti galling coating designed to be reused multiple times.

What is a HYMAX fitting?

HYMAX COUPLING CONNECTING THE FUTURE. Wide-range HYMAX Coupling, used for section replacement, connects two pipes of the same or different OD pipe circumferences and materials, up to 54mm range.

What is Hymax used for?

HYMAX Tapping Sleeves are used to attach tapping valves or gate valves to water mains so water mains can be extended for future develop, to install new fire hydrants on existing lines, increase fire protection for buildings, etc.

What is a Hymax?

Krausz USA has introduced its new wide-range HYMAX 2 Coupling, the next-generation HYMAX. Used for section replacement, HYMAX 2 connects two pipes of the same or different OD pipes and materials, up to 1.3” range.

What is a dresser coupling?

Dresser couplings are the original and best compression type pipe joining device. The flat backend of the gasket is compressed together by sequentially tightening the bolts that pull the two follower rings closer together creating a pressure seal of up to 1500 PSI.

How does a slip coupling work?

A slip fitting does the job of two couplings and extra pipe. Only one end of the coupling has a stop, allowing the opposite end to slide freely over the end of a pipe. The fittings are then released using a disconnect tool and slide back onto the other end of the pipe for a successful connection and leak repair.

What is Victaulic coupling?

Victaulic couplings, or mechanical grooved couplings (also called mechanical pipe joining systems), are components that join mechanical pipes together to create a watertight joint. The metal housing – a sleeve of sorts – is then placed over the gasket and joined pipes and tightened with nuts and bolts.

What is the use of Dresser coupling?

Dresser couplings are widely used in water, waste water, gas and many other downstream fluid applications. All dresser couplings are made of carbon steel middle ring and follower. Bolts are also made of carbon steel.

What is a slip coupling?

1 : a form of coupling adapted for use on slip carriages. 2 : a coupling designed to slip at heavy loads and thus relieve the duty on the driving unit.

What is a pressure slip coupling?

pressure slip coupling is ideal for air conditioning and refrigeration and potable water applications. Constructed with top-quality copper, this coupling connects or repairs two lengths of tube and is commonly used aboveground for water supply piping. It features a solder cup and is furnished without a center stop.