Are Moeck recorders good?

Moeck are one of the most recognised recorder makes in the world and have maintained their excellent reputation of making world-class recorders for over 40 years. Speak to one of our recorder specialists today for advice and help on choosing the perfect instrument!

What is a Rottenburgh recorder?

Immensely popular range of recorders originally designed by Friederich von Huene after models by Belgian maker Jean-Hyacinth-Joseph Rottenburgh (1672-1756). The Rottenburgh is the instrument of choice for those recorder players who wish to play music at an advanced level.

What is the range of a tenor recorder?

tenor: C (written and sounds middle C) to A or B (almost 2 octaves higher). The notes higher than that are rare for tenor.

What is the difference between soprano and tenor recorder?

The soprano and tenor both have a bottom note of C. The tenor sounds an octave lower than the soprano. They play in the same way apart from the tenor is much bigger! These tend to be the most common choice as many people learn the soprano recorder at school.

What is the best wood for a recorder?

Relatively soft woods, such as maple, pear, or other fruit woods often produce a very warm tone but less volume than denser materials. Very hard woods such as ebony or grenadilla may give an instrument more volume and brilliance.

How much does a recorder cost?

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Is the alto recorder a transposing instrument?

The F alto is a non-transposing instrument, though its basic scale is in F, that is, a fifth lower than the soprano recorder and a fourth higher than the tenor (both with a basic scale in C).

What is the lowest sounding recorder?

Recorders are made in various sizes with names and compasses roughly corresponding to various vocal ranges. The sizes most commonly in use today are the soprano (aka “descant”, lowest note C5), alto (aka “treble”, lowest note F4), tenor (lowest note C4) and bass (lowest note F3).

What key is tenor recorder?

The tenor recorder, like the soprano recorder, is tuned in C, but is pitched an octave lower. Because of its larger size, many tenors have keys to make it easier to play the lowest C and C♯, and occasionally D and D♯.

Is recorder hard to play?

Compared to other instruments, the recorder is relatively easy to play, making it a great first instrument for kids or novice musicians. They come in many different colors and sizes to fit you. Recorders are a good stepping stone to harder blowing instruments that are held vertically, such as oboe or clarinet.

What is the most expensive recorder instrument?

Canta Recorders

Instrument Features Net Price
Soprano in c” two piece, double holes 100.00
Alto in f’ three piece, double holes 265.00
Alto in f’ three piece, double hole, double key 467.00
Tenor in c’ three piece, double holes, keyless 434.00

Is the recorder hard to play?

What does the name Moeck recorder stand for?

The name Moeck also stands for the constant development of reliable methods of production and the implementation of the most recent sophisticated technology. The simple recorders for beginners have been transformed into absolutely reliable high quality instruments, which customers world wide know to appreciate.

Where are Moeck simple recorders made in Celle?

The simple recorders for beginners have been transformed into absolutely reliable high quality instruments, which customers world wide know to appreciate. For this reason our recorders even to this day, are made exclusively in our workshop in Celle.

What kind of keys do Rottenburgh recorders have?

All Rottenburgh recorders have double holes or double keys and are played with the baroque fingering technique. Choose the instrument which is just right for you from our wide range of different woods and variety of equipment.

Which is the best rosewood for a Moeck recorder?

Rosewood (dalbergia variabilis, also referred to as tulipwood) resonant tone, 3 pieces, curved windway, double holes, Baroque turnings Rottenburgh series: designed as the ideal all-round recorder. Photo 2 pieces, stained maple, curved windway, single holes, Renaissance fingering, mean tone tuning (recommended)on request.