Are optrel helmets good?

Optrel makes some of the world’s most advanced welding helmets on the market. They feature amazing technology and thoughtful design. However, these helmets can be expensive and you want to make sure you choose the right model for your needs.

Where are optrel welding helmets made?

Optrel® auto-darkening welding helmets are made in Switzerland and deliver Swiss-made precision and reliability.

What shade of lens should be on a welding helmet?

It’s recommended that you use between a shade 10 to a shade 13 welding lens to prevent flash burn on your eyes. The higher the number the darker the shade will be. However, the more amperage you are using the darker the shade you will want to have to avoid burning your eyes.

What are cheater welding helmet lenses?

Think of them as reading glasses, but for high-powered, metal-melting, electric arcs. Commonly called “cheater lenses”, these inserts help enhance your view of detail work and can improve your welding in general. You can find a cheater lens to fit just about any brand of welding helmet.

Why do Pipeline welders wear pancake hoods?

They’re designed to protect a welder’s eyes from the sparks of the welding machine. Also, they can protect your eyes from the bright (and almost blinding) UV rays emitted when the welding machine is in use. Pancake welding hoods are round so it can cover and protect the entire face.

Can you weld with prescription glasses?

If you need corrective lenses to see the work you’re doing, don’t avoid putting them in. Alternately, if you have them, you can also wear prescription glasses. But it is perfectly safe to wear contacts while welding.

What can I use instead of a welding mask?

Weld-Mask 2 is a first-of-its-kind alternative to traditional welding helmets for the industrial welding market, engineered specifically for the unique hazards prevalent for construction and ship welders, and other operators who weld in tight, non-traditional spaces.

Are pancake welding hoods OSHA approved?

Sarge’s Pancake Black Welding Hood Helmet Right Handed Regular Pipeline OSHA Approved (Right Hand, Black)

Should always be worn even under your welding helmet?

Clear safety glasses should be worn underneath a welding helmet when welding — the safety glasses will protect the eyes from sparks or other debris, while the shaded helmet prevents eye damage that could be caused by the ultra-bright arc. In grinding and cutting situations, shaded safety glasses may be required.