Are there any songs that are about rain?

Rain – most of us don’t like it, especially here in Britain where we often get more than our fair share. Yet it’s amazing just how many songs have been inspired by droplets of cloud wee.

Where did the song Rain by Travis come from?

Travis frontman Fran Healy penned this song on holiday in Israel from his native Glasgow, where he expected some sun, sun, sun. Instead, it chucked it down for two days and the inspiration behind their biggest song was born. Only someone like Prince can make rain sound as incredible and awe-inspiring as he did on this 1984 classic.

Who is the singer of Slow Dancing in the rain?

With Slow Dancing In The Rain, he argues that it’s better to just keep moving and working on passion projects than to feel depressed about how other people perceive you or your work. The title track of blues legend Buddy Guy’s eighth studio album is a slow and gentle song featuring backing vocals from famed singer Bonnie Rait.

What did Shane McGowan sing about in the rain?

Shane McGowan may have been singing about the lasting memories of meeting a lover in the rain back in 1985, but for millennials a ‘Rainy Night In Soho’ is probably the caption they use on Snapchat while waiting for an Uber. Sometimes, rain is dead boring. Sometimes, you want something that’s going to go down in history.

What’s the name of Bob Dylan’s song about rain?

Bob Dylan – ‘A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall’. When lyrical genius Dylan released the song in 1962, everyone thought it was just a metaphor for a nuclear fall out. Turns out, it’s just about “hard rain”, not “atomic rain”.

What’s the song I wish it would rain about?

“Have you ever seen the rain/Coming down on a sunny day” sings Fogerty in the song, using the metaphor to describe the struggle of discontent, even when you’re at the top. Among the most melancholy singles ever released by iconic Motown group The Temptations, I Wish It Would Rain is the story of a heartbroken man who wants to hide his sadness.

What was the song Rhapsody in the Rain based on?

The melody of “Rhapsody In the Rain” is based on Tchaikovsky’s “Romeo and Juliet.” Following the controversy over this song, Lou Christie failed to find a follow-up hit until three years later in 1969 when “I’m Gonna Make You Mine” reached the pop top 10.

Who was the first person to write a song about rain?

Though Ray’s 1959 version is the most well-known, the loving ode was penned by Harold Arden over a decade before in 1946. The Oscar winning Bacharach song is well known now, but before it featured in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid it was passed around to Ray Stevens and Bob Dylan, both of whom declined the chance to record it.

Why was the song who’ll stop the rain made?

The frustration with rain in the song is a metaphor for anger with the Vietnam War. “Who’ll Stop the Rain” became the band’s fourth #2 hit single in 1970. The song was used as the theme for the 1978 film Who’ll Stop the Rain starring Nick Nolte as a Vietnam veteran.

What was the song Rain by the Beatles about?

John Lennon explained that the Beatles ‘ “Rain” is “about people moaning about the weather all the time.” Appearing as the B-side for “Paperback Writer,” the song was one of the very first to utilize backward vocal tracks. They consist of John Lennon singing parts of the lyrics. Promotional music videos were filmed for “Rain.”

Which is the number one raindrops song of all time?

The song was the first #1 pop hit for B.J. Thomas following his top 10 successes “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” and “Hooked on a Feeling.” The American Film Institute picked “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head” as one of the top 25 film songs of all time.

What’s the name of the song by Led Zeppelin about rain?

The song features samples of an actual thunderstorm, and paints a musical image of rain with elegant, descending strings. It’s probably appropriate that the final single released by rock legends Led Zeppelin in the United States is about a man being stood up on a rainy street corner.