Are they really singing in Rock of Ages?

All of the actors sing their own parts in the film. Cruise told People Weekly Magazine that he had always wanted to appear in a musical but he found the idea frightening because he was uncertain whether he could actually pull it off.

Is Stacee Jaxx based on a real person?

Mark got the megastar to reveal the inspiration behind his character, the fictional rock god Stacee Jaxx. Tom, who had never had a professional singing lesson prior to working on the film, went all-in for this role, studying the history of rock ‘n’ roll. “I took it obviously from the ’80s, too,” said Tom.

Who was really singing in Rock of Ages?

Tom Cruise Knows His Vocals. In the hit broadway musical film, Rock of Ages, Tom Cruise thrilled his fans by playing the fictional character, Stacee Jaxx. The role required him to sing and not just perform and lip-sync on stage. He actually pulled off the part vocally and performance-wise.

Did Julianne Hough sing her own songs in Rock of Ages?

Hough, who released her self-titled debut album in 2008, says that because she sings country music, she did have to retrain her voice to handle the ’80s rock songs that are featured in the film. film — Tom Cruise takes a turn at singing as rockstar Stacee Jaxx.

How old is Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages?

How ‘Rock of Ages’ Star Tom Cruise Embraced His Inner Rock God (Video) “Singing a song is very much like acting,” the 49-year-old told reporters at the red carpet premiere of his new film.

Is the Bourbon Room in Rock of Ages real?

In December, “Rock of Ages” tested a new “immersive” production in Los Angeles, in a venue that recreated the musical’s fictional “Bourbon Room” club.

Who is Stacee Jaxx based off?

Trivia (48) Tom Cruise based his performance of Stacee Jaxx mostly on Jim Morrison and Axl Rose.

Can Tom Ellis sing?

Does Tom Ellis sing in Lucifer? Yes! Ellis performs his own vocals on Lucifer – in real life, the actor both sings and can play guitar. Quite the talented little devil!

Did Tom Cruise sing Pour Some Sugar on Me?

Listen to Tom Cruise Sing “Pour Some Sugar on Me”

Who is the blonde in Rock of Ages?

Sherrie Lily Christian is the lead female character in the movie and musical Rock of Ages. She is also a singer in the band Wolfgang Von Colt….Sherrie Christian.

Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Character Information
Portrayed by (Movie): Juilanne Hough
Portrayed by (Musical): Shannon Mullen (Current)