Can I connect my Bluetooth headphones to my Yamaha receiver?

Instead, the correct procedure, is to click the ‘Sound Setting icon’ on the ‘Now Playing’ screen, then select ‘Bluetooth Transmission’. Once on this screen, enter pairing mode on your bluetooth headset and then search for new devices. Your headphones should then appear for selection and pairing.

How do I connect my Bluetooth headphones to my Yamaha piano?


  1. Tap the icon (red circle part) at the lower right of display in MusicCast CONTROLLER.
  2. Select the “Bluetooth Transmission” function from the popup menu.
  3. When the “Bluetooth Transmission” setting menu opens, slide the Bluetooth transmission function button to enable it.
  4. Select the device and pair it.

How do I connect my Bluetooth to my Yamaha RX v381?

[RX-V385] How to pair with mobile (Bluetooth) device

  1. Press the BLUETOOTH button on the remote.
  2. Press and hold the MEMORY button on the remote for 3 seconds.
  3. Access the Bluetooth function on the mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.)
  4. Select the Yamaha receiver.

How do I connect my headphones to my Yamaha receiver?

Yamaha receivers have a headphone output jack the uses a 1/4″ connection, which is common to higher-end headphones. If your headphones use the standard 1/8″ (stereo-mini) connection, simply use a 1/4″ to 1/8″ adapter which may have been included with your headphones.

Does my Yamaha receiver have Bluetooth?

The Yamaha RX-V383BL Receiver is capable of pairing with Bluetooth-enabled devices, which allows you to stream music from them. Bluetooth is the most common type of wireless technology used to connect devices over short distances.

Can I connect my Bluetooth headphones to my receiver?

If you really want your current receiver (or TV for that matter) to work with Bluetooth headphones or even Bluetooth speakers, you can add on a device called a Bluetooth transmitter. It then converts the audio to Bluetooth to connect with a Bluetooth headset or speaker.

Does the Yamaha P 125 have Bluetooth?

Alternatively, you can purchase the Yamaha UD-BT01 adapter for a wireless connection via Bluetooth. Another notable thing is that the USB port on the P-125 can transfer not only MIDI data but also Audio data (USB Audio Interface), which is quite surprising to see on an instrument in this price range.

How can I make my Yamaha receiver Bluetooth?

It’s easy setup: plug the connection in, plug it in to a power sources (usb or standard adapter), set your receiver to Scene 3, hold the button down 5 seconds for pairing mode and then tell your Dot to play through speakers. You can also play anything via Bluetooth through this (audio source from pc, phone, etc.).

How do I reset the Bluetooth on my Yamaha receiver?

Press the Right Program Arrow button repeatedly until INIT-CANCEL comes up. Press the Straight Button repeatedly until INIT-ALL comes up. Turn the receiver off and then back on. Now the receiver has reset.

How do I turn on Bluetooth on my Yamaha receiver?

From any Android Device Go to Settings. Tap Bluetooth. You may need to select Connections first. Ensure Bluetooth is On and then select your device from the list below.

How do I connect my wireless headphones to my receiver?

How to connect a transmitter for wireless speakers or headphones to a stereo receiver.

  1. On the back of the stereo receiver, connect one end of the audio cable to the AUDIO OUT jack.
  2. On the back of the transmitter, connect the other end of the audio cable to the AUDIO IN jack.

What are the features of the rx-v679 AV receiver?

The RX-V679 is equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, making wireless operation more convenient than ever. You can stream music from the RX-V679 to Bluetooth headphones for private listening or to Bluetooth speakers. This AV receiver completely supports with the latest HDMI standards.

How does musiccast work with the rx-v679?

MusicCast employs a high performance wireless network to deliver music and audio enjoyment. It can stream digital music content from your smartphone, PC or NAS to other MusicCast devices in your home. It can also share the music from external devices such as a TV or BD player connected to the RX-V679.

Is the Yamaha compressed music enhancer compatible with Bluetooth?

Yamaha Compressed Music Enhancer is now optimised for Bluetooth audio transmission to ensure that your music will have vivid, lively sound quality even during wireless playback. The RX-V679 is equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, making wireless operation more convenient than ever.