Can I drive through Indiana tolls and pay later?

Drivers using the tolled bridges connecting Louisville and Southern Indiana have a new option for paying tolls. Pay by plate allows drivers who do not have a prepaid account and transponder to pay tolls owed online, before receiving an invoice.

Can Google maps show toll roads?

Google Maps may soon tell you not just which road routes have tolls in case you wish to avoid them, but also automatically display how much each toll costs.

Is i 94 a toll road in Indiana?

East of the interchange with US 6, the Borman Expressway has an interchange with the Indiana Toll Road. I-80 leaves I-94 and heads east of the toll road. The Borman Expressway name ends at the toll road interchange. The freeway passes over the toll road, before leaving Lake Station and entering Portage.

Is Route 80 in Indiana a toll road?

The entire toll road is designated as part of Interstate 90, and the segment from Lake Station east to the Ohio state line is a concurrency with Interstate 80. The toll road is owned by the Indiana Finance Authority and operated by the Indiana Toll Road Concession Company (ITRCC), which is owned by IFM Investors.

Can I pay cash for tolls in Indiana?

How to pay toll in Indiana. You can install E-ZPass or pay using cash on the Indiana East-West Toll Road for both the fixed barriers and ticket system. You can also pay your unpaid tolls online. Here are detailed steps on how to pay toll.

How do you pay tolls in Indiana?

You can pay tolls in Indiana electronically with transponders including E-ZPass and I-Pass. It is also possible to pay using Pay by Plate or with cash. In Southern Indiana you can also pay with RiverLink.

Can you set Google Maps to avoid toll roads?

Tap the three vertical dots next to “Your Location” (located at the top of the screen), then tap “Route Options.” 5. Tick the box next to “Avoid tolls” — you can also choose to avoid highways and ferries from this screen.

Does Waze show tolls?

When your route has a toll road, Waze shows you the estimated price before you start navigating. You can tap Routes on the ETA screen to see alternate routes and their toll prices. Compare them to choose the best route.

How much are toll roads in Indiana?


Toll Road Name Indiana East-West Toll Road, Indiana
Auto Cost $10.00 max for the full length, $4.65 min (calculate your costs here:
Trucks Cost $86.60 max, $14.60 min
Distance of the Toll Road 157 miles – 252.67 Km
How to pay E-Zpass, cash

How long is I 90 in Indiana?

4,861 km
Interstate 90/Length

How much is Indiana Toll?

How many miles is Indiana Turnpike?

251.5 km
Indiana Toll Road/Length
Established in 1956, the Indiana Toll Road spans 157 miles across Northern Indiana, from the Illinois State line to the Ohio Border, connecting Chicago with the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

Which states have tollways?

The more traditional means of managing toll roads in the United States is through semi-autonomous public authorities. Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia manage their toll roads in this manner.

How do I pay my Indiana Toll?

PAYING TOLLS IN INDIANA. When you use the Indiana Toll Road, you may pay with pay with cash, Visa or Master Card credit card, Visa debit card or with an E-ZPass Transponder. IPass is also accepted in Indiana.

Can you use iPASS in Indiana?

When you use the Indiana Toll Road, you may pay with pay with cash, Visa or Master Card credit card, Visa debit card or with an E-ZPass Transponder. IPass is also accepted in Indiana.

Does Indiana have toll booths?

Indiana’s only toll booths are more than 100 miles south and north of Indianapolis. Downtown commuter Jeremy Garcia wants to keep it that way. “That is actually one thing I like about Indiana,” Garcia said.