Can I just buy a phone from 02?

Contrary to some answers in this thread, yes you can buy a phone from an O2 store without paying the additional top up charge for the sim. Although yes the device will not be “sim free” or “unlocked” it will work perfectly fine with your Pay Monthly sim card, or indeed any O2 SIM.

Can you swap phones during a contract O2?

You can trade in your phone at any time and put the cash towards paying off your Device Plan. Leaving you free to upgrade to the latest device, with nothing to pay upfront. Find out more. All of our new O2 Refresh tariffs are flexible, meaning you can change your airtime tariff up or down, once a month.

Are O2 paying off contracts?

Eligible Customers who upgrade to a Qualifying Contract can get the Outstanding Balance on an eligible current O2 Refresh Device Plan (“Old Contract”) cleared (the “Offer”). Any unused airtime allowances on tariffs attached to the Old Contract will be lost after an upgrade.

How does a 1 month phone contract work?

In a nutshell, it’s a shorter version of a standard pay monthly SIM only contract. You’ll be tied into a network and particular deal for one month at a time. As they automatically renew from month to month without you having to do anything, they’re often also referred to as ‘rolling’ contracts.

Can you get phone contract with bad credit?

Can you get a phone contract with poor credit? Yes, you can be approved for a phone contract on bad credit. Depending on the value of the handset you are interested in, your credit history will matter more or less to the provider.

Are new 02 phones unlocked?

Does O2 lock devices? Most devices are no longer locked to our network. Since 1 August 2018, Apple devices bought directly from us are no longer locked. And almost all new devices shipped after January 2019 are now unlocked, with Huawei dongles being unlocked since April 2019.

Can you change your phone mid contract?

If you are still under contract with your existing provider for a SIM-only deal or a phone-and-tariff contract, you may have to pay the rest of your contract before you can switch. Of course, if you’re on a rolling-contract SIM-only deal, you can switch whenever you like.

Can I send my contract phone back?

You have the right to cancel a service contract whenever you like. However, you will pay a penalty for contract cancellation. This penalty varies by the operator but is usually a percentage of the monthly bill multiplied by the number of months left in the contract.

Can you pay off an O2 contract early?

Can I pay off my Device Plan early? Yes. You can make one-off payments whenever you like. This will reduce the amount you pay for your Device Plan every month, but it won’t reduce the overall term.

What is a 1 month contract?

What exactly do we mean by a ‘rolling contract’? Our one-month rolling contract doesn’t have a specific end date, so it’ll ‘roll on’ unless you tell us you want it to stop. It’s really easy to cancel and all we need is one month’s notice. Just like any Pay Monthly plan, you can pay your bill each month by Direct Debit.

What happens at end of SIM only contract?

After the 12 months plan ends, your plan will continue at the same price/tariff. However, you can upgrade to another sim-only deal or choose to end your plan. We will need to be given 30 days notice if you are wanting to leave at the end of your contract.

How long does a pay monthly phone contract last?

A pay monthly deal is where you pay a set amount of money each month for a phone that has a monthly allowance of minutes, texts and data. Normally this’ll be over a period of 24 months, but you can get 18-month contracts, 12-month contracts and even 1-month rolling contracts.

Which is the best 10 pound per month contract?

To enjoy the benefits of a high end multimedia phone UK citizens do not pay big bucks at one time because leading network companies including Virgin, Vodafone, 3, T-Mobile, Talk-Mobile, O2 and Orange offer 10 pound a month contract. According to this scheme, you get a handset with mobile phone brand of choice.

Which is the best cell phone to buy with a 10 pound contract?

Some famous handsets which can be bought with this scheme are Samsung E1080 Black, Nokia C1-02, Samsung C3050 Stratus and many more. Your presence of mind is required while buying the handset. If you will not do so then you might lose the benefit of free texts and free minutes.

Is the cost of the phone covered by my contract?

The cost of the phone is covered by your monthly payments, and you pay it off over the course of your contract. If you love talking, texting and going online, you can get a bigger bundle of calls, texts and data on a pay monthly contract than a pay as you go one.