Can I mix DDR2 667 and 800?

It can work but mixing RAM of various speeds can cause some stability issues. You will likely end up having tweak the bios to run at the 667mhz speed and also very likely will have to tweak some CAS latencies to loosen it up some for running 4 sticks.

What is the difference between 667MHz and 800MHz RAM?

The 800MHz RAM is rated to provide data to the CPU faster than the 667MHz. However they can both operate at 667MHz or lower or even higher, though if its higher than the RAM is rated for its considered to be overclocked.

What DDR2 800?

DDR2 PC2-6400 (commonly referred to as DDR2-800) memory is DDR2 designed for use in systems with a 400MHz front-side bus (providing an 800MT/s data transfer rate). The “6400” refers to the module’s bandwidth (the maximum amount of data it can transfer each second), which is 6400MB/s, or 6.4GB/s.

Are all DDR2 RAM compatible?

Basically any DDR2 DIMM’s will fit. However, whether these DIMM’s are electrically compatible (with the motherboard) is another matter. Check with memory manufacturers and check the motherboard memory QVL for compatible memory.

What does pc6400 mean?

The “6400” refers to the module’s bandwidth (the maximum amount of data it can transfer each second), which is 6400MB/s, or 6.4GB/s. PC2-6400 is backward-compatible for PC2-4200 and PC2-5300.

Is 667 MHz RAM good for gaming?

The short answer is yes. The ram has a delay whenever the CPU need to grab some numbers to crunch. Faster ram will make the numbers get crunched faster. If 667 Mhz is okay for you right now, I wouldn’t upgrade.

What is 667MHz RAM?

The memory is running at 667 MHz, which equals 1333 MT/s because of the Double Data Rate that gives DDR3 its name. Your kit is rated to run at up to 1866 MT/s, which is actually only 933 MHz. Most kits default to 1333 MT/s = 667 MHz, so you need to go into BIOS/UEFI and set it to the faster speed.

Is DDR2 obsolete?

it’s not made anymore. if you are incredibly lucky you can find some old stock someone still has. or more than likely you’ll have to get it from a used source.

What’s the difference between DDR2 667 and 800?

The DDR2 is old technology. 667 is slower than 800. The real difference is obvious in everything from games to startup. Dell does use cheap Ram, but they also prevent us from buying good 800 speed Ram.

Is there a way to run DDR2-800 synchronously?

If you change the memory ratio to 2:3 (an advanced setting via Ctrl+F1 iirc) you can run DDR2-800 synchronously with the FSB (but some argue that this ratio leads to unsatisfactory performance increase. I think n7 did a thread about it a while ago). The gigabyte DS3 has the ability run memory at DDR2-800, that’s what it means by that.

What’s the difference between DDR2 266 and 533?

Core 2 Duo FSB 266 (1066 quad pumped), DDR2 266 (rated as 533 because it’s DDR2) is a one-to-one ratio of memory to FSB and is the factory and chipset default.

Which is better Amoun Core2 or amoun ddr-667?

This is because the Core’s FSB, which runs at 1066MHz is only 64 bits wide, delivering 8.53GBps bandwidth to the CPU. Core2’s memory subsystem is 128 bits wide but even at DDR-667 speeds can deliver 10.67GBps of bandwidth, which means that unless the FSB is at least 1333MHz, the CPU can’t use more memory bandwidth than the amoun DDR-667 can supply.