Can you create your own Havaianas?

Havaianas Make Your Own. A fully responsive customisation tool that allows for the personalisation and purchase of a pair of thongs.

How much is Havaianas worth?

In 2020, Brazilian flip-flops brand Havaianas had a brand value of 740 million Brazilian reals, up from 518 million in 2015. Havaianas belongs to Alpargatas S.A. and in 2020 was in the top 20 most valuable Brazilian brands.

How much do Havaianas cost in Brazil?

At Havaianas Brazil the prices of women’s pair of Havaianas range from BRL 11,90 to BRL 66,90. For men, the US website offers options that range from USD 18,00 to USD 40,00 (approximately BRL 36.00 to BRL 80.00). The Brazilian page offers flip-flops with prices ranging from BRL 11,90 to BRL 55,90.

Are Havaianas and Ipanema the same?

One of the main differences between Havaianas and Ipanema flip flops are the materials used to manufacture them. Havaianas are made from rubber, which makes them feel stiffer than Ipanema at first, but given a bit of use, they will ease in and very quickly become just as comfortable.

What is the difference between Havaianas Slim and regular?

Havaianas Slim have slightly thinner straps and narrower soles in comparison to other regular Havaianas models. Havaianas Slim is one of our most famous models for women!! It’s a feminine model with a thinner strap and sole.

How long do Havaianas flip flops last?

It seems Havaianas flip flops tend to last for 3 to 6 months according to customer reports. Once again, depending on where you wear your Havaianas sandals and how you take care of them, their lifespan will vary.

Why are Havaianas so uncomfortable?

Havaianas are made from rubber which makes them feel more stiff than Ipanema when they’re first put on, but given a bit of use your Havaianas will ease in and very quickly become just as comfortable if not more than the Ipanema.

Why do I flip flop?

Many of us flip-flop occasionally in our feelings, depending on stress, anger, or unrelated factors. But, others have emotions so intense that they frequently interact erratically and also self-mutilate, through burning or cutting, or even commit suicide.