Can you place an IV in an arm with a fistula?

It is acceptable to use the arm with the nonfunctioning AV fistula for IV access. However, care must be taken not to use the specific vein that is occluded (typically, the cephalic or basilic vein).

What happens if you draw blood from an arm with a fistula?

Measuring your blood pressure in the fistula arm with a blood pressure meter, as inflating the cuff induces a compression of the blood vessels. Drawing blood or injections, as afterwards haemostasis has to be performed. In addition, unqualified personnel could potentially damage the fistula.

Can you Cannulate an arm with a fistula?

Cannulating your fistula Nurses will support you in inserting your own needles if you wish. Many patients who are nervous of needles find it causes less anxiety to self-needle their fistula.

Can you take blood on the arm with a fistula or graft?

Protect your fistula/graft arm: Do not allow anyone to take blood or insert a venflon.

How long do fistulas last?

An A-V fistula usually takes 3 to 4 months to heal before it can be used for hemodialysis. The fistula can be used for many years. A graft (also called an arteriovenous graft or A-V graft) is made by joining an artery and vein in your arm with a plastic tube.

What should you not do with a fistula?

Do not take blood pressure measurements from your fistula arm • Do not have any blood tests taken from your fistula arm • No needles, infusions, or drips go in your fistula arm • Do not wear any tight or restrictive clothing on your fistula arm • Avoid sleeping on your fistula arm • Do not use sharp objects near your …

What happens when fistula surgery fails?

If your AV fistula malfunctions or fails due to the presence of blood clots, your doctors may suggest certain medications depending on the severity of the clots. Some medications can help thin the blood and dissolve blood clots so that the fistula can function again properly.

How long does fistula last?

AV grafts can be safely used in about two weeks, as no maturation of the vessels is necessary. Grafts have a lifespan of approximately 2 to 3 years but can often last longer.

How much weight can you lift with a fistula?

Activity After Hemodialysis Fistula or Graft Access Surgery Avoid lifting anything that weighs more than 10 pounds for the next three days. Ten pounds is about the weight of two Yellow Pages telephone books or a gallon of milk. Lifting may put a strain on the incision before it has had time to heal.