Can you rename a YouTube video after uploading?

Thankfully, Youtube lets you edit the description, title, or thumbnail, of your videos whenever you want. You’ll see a list of all your uploaded videos. Find the video you want to edit, then click ‘Edit’ under the video title.

Can you edit a YouTube video after uploading it 2020?

After you upload a video, you can change your video details in YouTube Studio….Edit video details

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Content.
  3. Click a video’s title or thumbnail.
  4. Set the video’s settings and select Save.

Does changing YouTube video title affect views?

YouTube absolutely recommends changing the way a title or thumbnail looks, as it can be an effective way to get more views. The act of changing a title or thumbnail does not inherently trigger YouTube to increase the impressions for a video.

How can I change a video name?

Right-click the file and select Rename. Enter a new file name and press Enter.

Does changing YouTube title affect views?

Can you edit a video on YouTube before uploading?

Before you upload video to the internet, use the built-in YouTube editor or free video-editing software to make your content really shine. YouTube offers its own built-in video editor through which you can trim and cut your video, enhance it with music, and blur faces and other areas.

How do I change the quality of a YouTube video after uploading?

Step 1: Open your YouTube app, tap on your profile picture on the top rightand corner. Step 2: From the left menu, select Settings and tap on it. Step 3: Find Upload quality and tap on that. Once Upload quality opens, you will see a range from 360p to Full Quality.

What happens if you change a YouTube video title?

If you are re edit or change title tags of your video I will definitely get changes and your video will go up or down but if you video is very old it doesn’t affect the video. Any changes to the metadata could have a positive or negative impact on the video’s ranking.

Can you replace YouTube video without losing views?

So from what I’ve found, you cannot replace the video without losing comments and views. This is because each video uploaded gets a unique URL. There have been other music videos that have done the same thing you described.