Can you ride a Fell pony?

The Fell is one of the largest pony breeds, up to 14 hands. Their drafty type & bone structure means their weight carrying ability far exceeds any horse of the same height. Adults of almost any size can ride a Fell safely.

Are Fell Ponies good for beginners?

Children and small adults can ride these ponies, and they have an easy and comfortable gait.

How much weight can a Fell pony carry?

On average, a pony between 9 and 14 hands may weigh between 400 and 800 pounds. Following the 20% rule, this means that a pony can generally carry a person (including tack) who weighs between 80 and 160 pounds. This is why ponies are usually ridden by children, or smaller adults.

How do you show a Fell pony?

Ponies should be shown with untrimmed manes. Action: Walk, smart and true. Trot well balanced all round, with good knee and hock action, going well from the shoulder and flexing the hocks, not going too wide nor near behind. Should show great pace and endurance, bringing the hind legs well under the body when going.

What is the lifespan of a Fell pony?

Related Questions. What is the average lifespan of a pony? Generally, the average lifespan of a pony is the same as a horse (25-30 years), although ponies tend to live longer.

What do Fell ponies look like?

A strong, short back with a deep body, short neck, and a small head, with small, alert ears, big nostrils, a wide muzzle and big, bold, intelligent eyes are characteristic. And plenty of hair: mane and tail are left to grow long, and a fell pony should have plenty of fine hair at its heels.

What is the lifespan of a Fell Pony?

Are Fell ponies easy to train?

They are well known for their docile temperament and with proper training are considered perfect for the disabled. Fell Ponies have the reputation of being very easy to maintain. They can work all day on a small ration and thrive where a more highly bred equine would find it difficult to survive.

What do you feed a Fell Pony?

If your horse or pony is kept stabled for some of the time, consider how much hay or haylage you are feeding. Most horses or ponies will do well and maintain their weight on a diet that supplies 1.5-2% (dry weight) of their bodyweight in total feed per day, eg. 7.5-10kg for a 500kg horse.

What does a Fell pony look like?

How much does a Fell pony cost?

Market prices for weanling Fell ponies start at about $3,500. More mature ponies with training or breeding potential are typically not less than $6,000.

What height is a Fell Pony?

13.2 hands
The ideal fell pony is 13.2 hands, though up to 14 hands is acceptable. Typically, they weigh between 350 and 450kg. Acceptable colours are black, brown, bay or grey, but not chestnut, piebald or skewbald. Some have a small star on their forehead, or a small amount of white on their hind feet.

What kind of riding does a Fell Pony do?

The Fell pony can be seen in the horse show world, seen in in hand, under saddle, and working hunter pony classes. They also do well in driving and endurance riding. They are very suitable for riding and driving for persons with disabilities. A Fell pony can be used as an all-round family pony.

How big is a Fell Pony in hands?

A native breed from England, the Fell pony is probably one of their best-kept secrets! The Fell pony is a versatile, sure-footed, larger- type pony that stands at less than 14 hands and is used for riding, driving and jumping by both children and adults alike. The Fell is also well known for its stamina and wonderful temperament.

Where did the breed of Fell Pony come from?

The Fell Pony is a versatile, working breed of mountain and moorland pony originating in the north of England in Cumberland and Westmorland (Cumbria) and Northumberland. It was originally bred on the fell farms of northwest England, and is used as a riding and driving pony.

Where can I buy a Fell Pony for sale?

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