Can you swim at Turtleback Falls?

Turtleback Falls is a great swimming hole and plunge for strong swimmers, older children, teenagers and adults. We would not recommend it for younger children due to the strong currents, and need to climb a rope to access the falls.

How long is the hike to Rainbow Falls in Gorges State Park?

1.5 miles
To reach Rainbow Falls, you’ll need to hike 1.5 miles from Gorges State Park at the Grassy Ridge Parking area (drive about 2 miles after entering the park). Look for the cluster of information boards at the end of the parking lot.

Can you swim at Rainbow Falls NC?

Rainbow Falls NC is an beautiful and majestic waterfall located deep inside Pisgah National Forest, near Sapphire, NC. Rainbow Falls is clearly visible from a multiple overlooks located on a popular trail, and if you’re brave, you can even climb down to the base where there is also a nice swimming hole.

Why is it called rainbow?

Known in the Hawaiian language as Waiānuenue (literally “rainbow water”), the falls flows over a natural lava cave, the mythological home to Hina, an ancient Hawaiian goddess. Rainbow Falls derives its name from the fact that, on sunny mornings around 10 am, rainbows can be seen in the mist thrown up by the waterfall.

How much does it cost to get into Sliding Rock NC?

Cost to enter the recreation area is $4 per person when staff members are on duty (cash or credit card). Children 3 and under are free. It is free to visit during “off” hours (but restrooms are closed and donations encouraged).

How long is Moore Cove Falls Trail?

Walk behind a magical waterfall on this family-friendly hike. This enchanting trail in Pisgah National Forest is an ideal introduction to hiking for families with younger kids. An easy . 7 mile trail with wooden bridges, steps and boardwalks ends in a 50-foot plunge waterfall over a dramatic rock ledge.

Are dogs allowed in Gorges State Park?

Dogs are allowed throughout the park and on the trails. Dogs may not be left unattended, and they must be on no more than a 6 foot leash, and cleaned up after. The camping and tent areas also allow dogs. There is a dog walk area at the campground.

How long is Moore Cove Falls trail?

Why are rainbows special?

Does everyone see the same rainbow? Actually, what makes rainbows so special is that no two people see the same exact thing. Since it all depends on how the light is being bent and reflected back to you, everyone sees something different.

How does rainbow fall?

This is because rainbows are caused by the reflection, refraction, and dispersion, of light in water droplets (find out more about how this happens). The water droplets in this case don’t come from rain, but from all the small water droplets in the mist that surrounds the falling water.

How cold is the water at Sliding Rock NC?

50-60 degrees
At Sliding Rock each summer, thousands of children and adults slip and slide down this favorite natural mountain waterfall in Pisgah National Forest, near Brevard and Asheville, North Carolina. Sliders patiently line up and wait their turn as one-by-one they ride the chilly water (50-60 degrees!)

Does Sliding Rock hurt?

The rock doesn’t hurt your butt going down… it’s pretty smooth. Don’t go during a heavy rain- they will not allow you to go down if the water passes a certain line due to a hydraulic made that can pin people against the rock.

Are there any other waterfalls on the Horsepasture River?

Now while Rainbow Falls is the signature waterfall on the Horsepasture River, it turns out that there were many other waterfalls along this river. We only happened to visit Rainbow Falls and Turtleback Falls (also known as Umbrella Falls).

Where is the parking area for the Horsepasture River?

The new parking area for the Horsepasture River is still in Gorges State Park – just follow the directions below. Directions: From Brevard, take Hwy 64 west for about 15 miles to the Lake Toxaway area. Pass the right turn for Hwy 281 north and continue up to the bridge across the top of Toxaway Falls.

Where to find Rainbow Falls in Asheville NC?

From the Grassy Ridge parking lot, the Rainbow Falls trail starts out as gravel, but then starts to descend toward the Horsepasture River. With a few creek crossings here, prepare to get your feet wet.

Where is Gorges State Park in Asheville NC?

Gorges State Park is approximately 55 miles southwest of Asheville (1.5 hours driving time). From Asheville, reach the park from I-26, taking exit 40 onto NC 280 (airport exit) and traveling west to Brevard. Follow US 64 West through downtown Brevard toward Sapphire.