Did Benjamin Franklin make the glass harmonica?

Of Benjamin Franklin’s many achievements, probably the least well-known are his accomplishments in music. Not only did Franklin play viola da gamba and compose music, he also invented an instrument for which both Mozart and Beethoven composed music—the armonica, also known as the glass armonica or glass harmonica.

Why did Ben Franklin invent the glass armonica?

The Armonica, also called the glass harmonica was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1761. He thought it was the sweetest sound he had ever heard but he wanted to hear more harmonies with his melody. Thus the Armonica was born and named by Franklin for a word taken from the musical Italian language.

Where is the glass armonica from?

Franklin made it possible to create beautiful sounds with the touch of a finger, sounds that his wife Deborah once called, “the music of the angels.” The glass armonica pictured here was constructed in London by Charles James in 1761, made from Ben Franklin’s own instructions.

Who invented the armonica?

Benjamin Franklin
Glass harmonica/Inventors

Invented by founding father Benjamin Franklin, the concept is the same as rubbing the tip of your finger around a wine glass to make a sound. Franklin took that concept and turned it on its side, nesting about 50 glass bowls inside each other, allowing it to be played like a piano.

How much does a glass armonica cost?

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Do people still play the glass armonica?

The glass armonica is hanging on today thanks to a small group of musicians including Zeitler, Thomas Bloch, and Dean Shostak, who can still play the instrument professionally (which Zeitler defines as at least being able to perform Mozart’s two pieces for the instrument).

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