Did JD and Elliot really bungee jump?

One scene involved J.D. and Elliot bungee jumping. A fan once asked Chalke on Twitter if she and Braff performed the skydive. Chalke responded that it was stunt doubles. Apparently, the stunt doubles for both actors had never met before that day.

Who does Elliot marry in scrubs?

Elliot Reid

Dr. Elliot Reid, M.D.
Spouse John Dorian
Children Unnamed daughter Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian (step-son)

Why Scrubs season 9 was bad?

Considered by most to be somewhat of a cult classic, the sitcom officially came to an end in 2010. While most of the series is comedy gold, Season 9, the last season, was the series’ worst due to poor execution, new characters and the show already feeling complete in Season 8.

What happened to Elliot in season 9 of Scrubs?

Elliot stays at Sacred Heart, but the two move in together despite her long commute. In season 9, J.D. returns to teach at Sacred Heart without any explanation about why it’s a good time to go back.

Did the cast of Scrubs get along?

Like they never left. The Scrubs cast is famously close IRL, as BFFs Zach Braff and Donald Faison have spent birthdays together and even co-host the podcast Fake Doctors, Real Friends. Plus, co-stars Sarah Chalke and John C.

Are JD and Elliot really friends?

J.D. was the main character, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as effective without Turk. Turk was a main cast member who served as an anchor for the show. Faison and Braff’s chemistry was one of the show’s strongest elements. According to ScreenRant, Faison and Braff are actually good friends in real life.

Did Zach Braff quit Scrubs?

Zach Braff will be leaving Scrubs at the end of this season. “Not by his choice,” joked executive producer Bill Lawrence. Lawrence admitted that he had always pitched Scrubs as ER as a comedy, with a revolving cast of characters that would allow for new blood from time to time. …

What happened to Elliot in Season 9 of Scrubs?

Do JD and Elliot get married in Scrubs?

In the Season 8 finale, it is suggested through a flash forward in the style of a home movie that J.D and Elliot will marry and have a child. In Season 9, it is revealed that J.D. and Elliot are in fact married and expecting a child.