Did Nationwide take over Cheshire Building Society?

The Cheshire was acquired by Nationwide on 15 December 2008, which was as a result of its approach to the Nationwide in September 2008 regarding a possible merger due to its financial position. …

Which banks are linked to Nationwide Building Society?

HSBC, First Direct. Lloyds Bank, Lloyds Bank Private Banking. Nationwide, Cheshire Building Society, Derbyshire Building Society, Dunfermline Building Society.

When did Nationwide take over Cheshire?

Cheshire was acquired by Nationwide back in 2008, but continued to operate under its own brand until now.

What building society did Nationwide take over?

What is happening? Britain’s biggest building society, Nationwide, is to take over the Derbyshire and Cheshire building societies, the UK’s 9th and 11th largest societies respectively. The deal for the Derbyshire will be concluded on December 1, and around a month later for the Cheshire.

Who owns the Cheshire Building Society?

Nationwide Building Society
Cheshire Building Society/Parent organizations

How does a building society work?

A building society is a type of financial institution that provides banking and other financial services to its members. Building societies resemble credit unions in the U.S. in that they are owned entirely by their members. These societies offer mortgages and demand-deposit accounts.

How safe is Nationwide Building Society?

Nationwide hailed its place among the prestigious 50 having moved up from 41st from 46th last year. Graham Hughes, of Nationwide, said: ‘This is further evidence that Nationwide’s business strategy of being safe, secure and dependable is successful and puts the society in an excellent position in the market place.

How did Nationwide Building Society start?

They were formed when like-minded people came together to pool their savings, however small, and help each other buy homes of their own and improve their lot. One such building society was the Co-operative Permanent Building Society, which first opened its doors in London in 1884.

Does the Portman Building Society still exist?

The merged building society is called Nationwide, Portman branches have been closed or rebranded, and the Portman website address now redirects to the Nationwide site. Former Portman members are now members of Nationwide, making Nationwide the UK’s second largest mortgage lender and savings provider.

Which bank owns Yorkshire Building Society?

The society also owns the Chelsea Building Society and Norwich and Peterborough Building Society, as well as Accord Mortgages and the savings business of Egg, which are referred to as the Yorkshire Building Society Group….Yorkshire Building Society.

Type Building society (mutual)
Number of employees 3,300
Website www.ybs.co.uk

Who is Charter savings bank owned by?

Our heritage. We’re part of Charter Court Financial Services Limited (CCFS). Founded in 2008 and based in Wolverhampton, CCFS is a specialist financial services business built for today’s challenging mortgage and savings markets. CCFS launched its Charter Savings Bank brand in 2015.

What are the disadvantages of building societies?


  • Building societies are not as secure as they have historically been. The choice of mutual is falling and failures have become more commonplace.
  • Many building societies have geographical restrictions.
  • Building societies often have a restricted choice of products.