Do I want a high or low spin golf ball?

The high spinning golf ball will not get the run on the fairway that either a mid or low spinning ball can, however its greatest advantage is around the greens. A high spinning ball will increase feel around and on the greens, which will help players improve control.

What is a good spin rate for a golf ball?

What is a good spin rate for a driver? For the majority of golfers, a quality spin rate with the driver is between 1700 and 3000 RPMs. Depending on your swing speed, the number will fall in this range. The slower the swing speed the closer to 3000 the optimum spin rate becomes.

Does a high spin golf ball go farther?

Back spin will cause your ball to rise high and stay close to where it lands with little forward roll. Sometimes, depending on spin rate, your ball may even roll back after it hits the ground. A forward spin will make your ball stay lower to the ground, but roll much farther after impact.

Do low spin golf balls go farther?

Low spinning golf balls claim to go further because of less backspin. Too much back spin and the ball goes shorter distances so inversely, reducing that backspin makes it go further. This is helpful on the drive or the tee shot on par 4 and par 5 holes to get longer off the tee.

Will a low spin ball help with a slice?

Lower spinning golf balls produce less side spin on your shots, causing the ball to fly straighter through the air and roll further once landed and reduce the chance of a slice This type of ball is more suited to golfers who tend to slice the ball and struggle to find distance however they make controlling pitch shots …

Will a low-spin ball help with a slice?

Will a low-spin driver help with a slice?

Play a shaft with a softer tip The problem is, many pros use driver shafts that are built to lower spin and keep the ball from drawing too much. They use stiff and stable profiles, often with very strong tip sections. To reduce a slice, you’ll want to do the opposite.

What makes a good golf ball distance comparison?

Perhaps the most crucial criteria in making a golf ball distance comparison chart is compression. Golf balls with high compression are more suited for faster swings. Upon impact, a golf ball becomes deformed which is why the core needs to be hit with great speed.

What should the spin rate of a golf ball be?

Spin rate, as you probably can guess, is the speed with which the ball is spinning as it leaves the club face. This number usually expressed in terms of RPM’s, or revolutions per minute. So, for instance, a spin rate of 3,000 off of your driver would be a fairly common and reasonable number.

Is there a distance calculator for golf clubs?

Attention: This calculator has been updated to include carry distances and total distances for Drivers of different lofts and different club speeds. If you know your club speed, you can determine what loft Driver optimizes distance for your swing.

How is spin used in the game of golf?

Golf is a game of spin. In fact, most sports that center on a ball are all about the spin that a player is able to impart on that ball. Tennis players use spin to control their shots and make them difficult for the opponent to return – table tennis players do the same.