Do officers get language pay?

The Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus (FLPB) is discretionary pay in addition to the base pay of enlisted members and officers as an incentive for acquiring advanced skills in foreign languages and dialects which will improve the ability to accomplish mission goals.

How much does the military pay for languages?

The monthly FLPB rate is based on proficiency and the language payment list (Army Soldiers can receive from $100 and up to $500 maximum for one language depending on which language and score). For those who qualify for FLPB in multiple languages, the total monthly FLPB amount for multiple languages CANNOT exceed $1000.

Which languages does the Air Force pay for?

The Defense Department also has identified several languages as “abundant or surplus” for which sufficient strategic capability already exists. These languages are Spanish, Tagalog, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Korean and French.

How long is the DLPT test?

Each test is allotted three hours. DLIFLC conducted several timing studies for both multiple-choice and constructed-response tests to see how long it took examinees to answer; based on that, we set initial test times, which we then refined after additional studies.

What is language pay in the Navy?

Rates Payable Depending on how they test, servicemen and women can earn between $100 and $500 per month for a single foreign language or dialect. FLPP is payable in addition to all other pay and allowances, but members are not authorized to receive both FLPP I (Career Linguist) and FLPP II (Non-Career) simultaneously.

What is a good DLPT score?

DLPT scores may also figure into the readiness rating of a military linguist unit….Description.

Intermediate – High 1+
Advanced 2
Advanced – Plus 2+
Superior 3 and above

How can I see my DLPT score?

To access an official copy of your score report: Log into and click on the “My Education Record” Smart Link. A PDF copy of your score report will be uploaded to your eFile tab within 2-3 business days after testing. Always retain an official copy of your score report for your records.