Do you pay both ways on BC Ferries?

If you drive right through from HB to PR, you get two ferries on one fare. You pay your fare at Horseshoe Bay, you ride that ferry to Langdale and the one at Earls Cove – Saltery Bay on one fare.

How much does it cost to take a car on the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria?

Cost for adult passenger only: $17.20. Cost for Car & Driver: $74.70.

Does BC Ferries charge PST?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Province of British Columbia regard the supply of ferry services as GST and PST exempt. BC Ferries charges GST to our customers as required under the applicable legislation on ancillary services such as cabins, food services and retail.

Should I book BC ferries in advance?

Reservations are limited and often sell out on our more popular sailings. We strongly recommend that you book ahead if you plan to travel during popular sailing times, including: Holiday weekends. Thursday and Friday afternoons and evenings.

What days are seniors free on BC Ferries?

BC Seniors travel free on select routes1 Monday to Thursday2 with one of these valid IDs:

  • BC Services Card.
  • BC Driver’s Licence.
  • BC Identification Card.
  • Birth Certificate (proof of BC residency required)

Can you take your car on the ferry to Victoria BC?

As Victoria is on an island, the only way to visit in your car is via one of the ferries … either a BC Ferry from the mainland (Vancouver) or a ferry from the U.S.A – either Port Angeles, WA, Anacortes, WA, or Seattle, WA. There is NO bridge or tunnel!

How far in advance can you make a BC Ferry reservation?

approximately 2 months
“How far in advance can you book a ferry?” You can reserve approximately 2 months in advance. Note however, that although most BC ferries take reservations some of the smaller routes with smaller vessels don’t.

Where does the ferry to Nanaimo depart from?

Where does the ferry to Nanaimo depart from? The Ferry to Nanaimo leaves from 2 different places: Horseshoe Bay, which is located in West Vancouver, and from Tsawwassen, 17 km south of downtown Vancouver. Horseshoe Bay is a much more scenic place, and is closer to downtown Vancouver hotels (taxi from downtown to Horseshoe Bay costs about $50).

How long is the bus from YVR to Nanaimo?

Taking a taxi from YVR to Tsawwassen is a 30 minute ride and costs about $54 (The BC Transit Bus from Vancouver Airport to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal is much cheaper, but takes longer). From Vancouver Airport to Horseshoe Bay, taxi price is around $80, and travel time is about 80 minutes. Where does the ferry to Nanaimo arrive?

Are there any motorcycle fares on BC Ferries?

Motorcycle travel is currently not included in the fare calculator. View motorcycle fares for all routes. Experience Card rates are currently not included in the fare calculator. View Experience Card rates for all routes. This is a non-bookable route online. Fares are paid at the terminal at the time of travel. * Some routes are not bookable.

Are there fuel surcharges on the BC Ferries?

BC Ferries Fuel Surcharges or Fuel Rebates (if in effect) will be processed at the time of payment. Prices do not include 5% GST (where applicable), BC Ferries Connector Fuel Surcharges or the BC Ferries Fares. Bus Bucks are just like cash, they have no transaction fees and no expiry.