Does Archie end up with Veronica or Betty?

In issues # 600–602, the story features a futuristic look into the life of Riverdale teen Archie Andrews in the years that follow his college graduation when Archie makes his ultimate decision to marry Veronica Lodge instead of Betty Cooper.

Is Riverdale a dark version of Archie?

Both are dark explorations of the Archie Comics concepts and characters. But at its core, Riverdale is a more optimistic story. While the various members of Riverdale’s community have darker impulses than most versions of the characters, they’re still ultimately good people for the most part.

Is Veronica in love with Betty?

Veronica’s supposed to be the confident leader of their relationship, but she’s so in love with Betty that she’ll follow her anywhere, even to Ethel’s hot tub, where Betty dons a black wig and lingerie to boil a man, or to Ms. Grundy’s car, where Betty shows off her hidden criminal skills.

Did Archie sleep with Veronica?

When Jughead and Betty’s relationship begins to get serious, Archie finally tells Veronica he wants to be with her. They end up having sex for the first time during the finale of season 1.

Is Riverdale creepy?

Riverdale. You wouldn’t expect the teen drama reboot of the classic Archie Comics characters to feature scares to give horror movies a run for their money, but this a whole new Riverdale. Of course the camp-centric sense of humor keeps the mood light, but Riverdale without a doubt rivals the best horror movies.

How many issues does afterlife have with Archie?


Afterlife with Archie
Publication date October 2013 – present
No. of issues 10
Creative team
Created by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Francesco Francavilla

Why does Betty kiss Veronica?

Veronica wasn’t taking no for an answer and encouraged Betty with compliments and offering to assist her in preparing for the try-outs. Veronica kisses Betty. In spite of their best effort at try-outs, Cheryl was unimpressed which prompted Veronica to kiss Betty in an attempt to save their routine.

Who does Betty end up with?

Matt and Betty get back together at the end of “The Bahamas Triangle”. In the Christmas episode, Betty and Hilda think they are both pregnant due to a mix-up with the pregnancy tests but in the end, it turns out that Hilda is the one expecting a child.

Does Archie still love Veronica?

And the thing that was most unresolved of all was if they actually wanted to be with each other. The fact that Archie was able to figure out, seven years later, that he stills loves Veronica after taking things with Betty further than they ever had highlights how he has evolved over time.

Why did Betty and Veronica kiss?

Why are Archie and Veronica in a relationship?

Alternatively, Archie and Veronica are already in a relationship, but she is emotionally distant and uncaring, paving the way for the sweet and attentive Betty. In cases of Arranged Marriage, Betty is the girl the parents prefer and Veronica is the one they reject, especially if children are expected (because Betty is more likely to want them).

Is there an Archie Comics app for Android?

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Who was at Archie and Veronica’s wedding in Riverdale?

Betty brings along a “friend” of hers named Henry who works with her. Ethel states that he reminds her of Archie as Betty rushes him out the door. On the eve of the wedding, Archie and Veronica discuss their future. The big day comes and everything seems to be going as planned, with all of Riverdale attending the wedding.

Who is Archie’s best friend in the Archie Comics?

This trope is almost endlessly flexible. In a commonly-seen version, Betty is Archie’s loyal comrade and usually his best friend, secretly pining for him while he ( unaware of her feelings) is attracted only to Veronica, the sultry Ms. Unattainable who barely notices him.