Does equity research pay well?

Both investment banking and equity research are well-paid professions, but over time, investment banking is a much more lucrative career choice. The average equity research analyst earns about $79,000 in annual compensation, according to PayScale.

How much does an equity researcher make?

Average Salary of an Equity Researcher While an January 2021 survey by found that the average annual salary for an equity research job is around $95,000, most positions pay less. The low end of the salary range is $61,000, while the high end sits at around $146,000.

Does Goldman Sachs have equity research?

Our equity research analysts analyze macro, sector and company fundamentals to identify investment opportunities for the stocks we cover globally.

How much does an equity research VP make?

How much does a Vice President, Equity Research in United States make? The highest salary for a Vice President, Equity Research in United States is $218,224 per year. The lowest salary for a Vice President, Equity Research in United States is $130,947 per year.

Is equity research a good career?

When looking at a career in the capital markets, it’s important to understand if you’re a better fit for investment banking or equity research. Both offer excellent work experience and great pay. A career in equity research is very demanding, with associates and analysts frequently working 70+ hour weeks.

Is equity research stressful?

In both those periods, the 12-hour days can easily turn into 16-hour+ days, so the job will approach investment banking hours. If you experience consistent mid-intensity stress levels in banking, equity research careers give you low-intensity stress most of the time, with occasional spikes to high stress.

How hard is it to get an equity research job?

The equity research recruiting process is more random and unstructured than the investment banking recruitment process. In practice, it’s often quite difficult to find those roles, so it might be better to apply to equity research at smaller firms and then move to larger banks from there.

What Goldman Sachs looks for?

As a former Goldman recruiter wrote here in 2016, Goldman looks for ‘unusual profiles’, people who are excellent and ambitious and high achievers, but also something more. If you’re applying to Goldman Sachs as a graduate, the first you’ll see of this approach to hiring will be the Goldman application form.

How much does Goldman Sachs research cost?

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. will charge $30,000 for up to 10 staff to access basic research.

Can you move from equity research to investment banking?

Equity Research Exit Opportunities It’s far easier to transfer into investment banking first if you want to go that route. It’s far more common to move to hedge funds or asset management firms since there’s a direct skill set overlap – you analyze public securities and make investment recommendations in each one.

How many hours do equity researchers work?

Equity research lifestyle Research associates arrive to the office at 7am and leave sometime between 7-9pm. Working on weekends is limited to special situations like an initiation report. This schedule is very favorable compared to investment banking hours. Analysts can work up to 100 hours per week.