Does Irrational Games still exist?

Take-Two Interactive acquired the studio in 2006….This article needs editing for compliance with Wikipedia’s Manual of Style.

Formerly Irrational Games (1997–2007, 2009–2017) 2K Boston (2007–2009)
Founded 1997
Founder Ken Levine Jonathan Chey Robert Fermier
Defunct February 23, 2017
Fate Rebranded

Did BioShock 2 Make Irrational Games?

Irrational Games founder and BioShock creator Ken Levine passed on the opportunity to create BioShock 2 because he’d said all he wanted about underwater city Rapture.

Who bought Irrational Games?

Take-Two Interactive
Irrational was acquired by Take-Two Interactive in 2006. From 2007-2010, Take-Two renamed the company as “2K Boston” and “2K Australia”, and it was under these names that BioShock was published. In 2010, Irrational Games returned to its original name.

What are ghost story Games working on?

What is Ghost Story currently working on? We’re working on a new immersive sci-fi game with RPG elements.

Why are Irrational Games shutting down?

According to those with whom we spoke, the closure was the combined result of unfettered creative freedom, lower-than-expected sales, the butting of heads between Levine and his employees and the unrealistic expectations of big-budget game development.

Who made SWAT 4?

Irrational Games
SWAT 4/Developers

SWAT 4 is a 2005 tactical shooter video game developed by Irrational Games and published by Vivendi Universal Games exclusively for Microsoft Windows. It was built on Irrational Games’ Vengeance Engine powered by Unreal Engine 2 technology.

Why did irrational shut down?

The creator of one of the videogame industry’s biggest franchises is moving on: “BioShock” creator Ken Levine said Tuesday he is shutting down Irrational Games to create “a smaller, more entrepreneurial endeavor” at Take-Two Interactive to producer narrative-heavy games that will be released on digital platforms.

Where is Ken Levine now?

Ghost Story Games
For those who may not know, Levine founded Ghost Story Games in 2017 alongside 12 former Irrational Games developers, and serves as the studio’s president and creative director.

What happened to Kevin Levine?

Levine’s current project involves a concept of “Narrative Legos” that can be used to create an endlessly-replayable story-driven video game. On February 23, 2017, Irrational Games was rebranded as Ghost Story Games, founded by 12 of the former Irrational members with Levine remaining as president and creative director.

How do I get SWAT 4?

Salute. SWAT 4 Gold Edition has been re-released DRM-free exclusively on It includes both the base game and its expansion, SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate, and costs £7.99.

Who are the people that make Irrational Games?

Irrational Games (known briefly as 2K Boston, Inc/2K Australia Pty. Ltd.) was founded in 1997 by previous employees of Looking Glass Studios, Ken Levine, Jonathan Chey, and Robert Fermier. Irrational Games is the multi award winning developer of titles such as System Shock 2, Swat 4, and Freedom Force.

When did Irrational Games become part of 2K?

On the 9th of January 2006, Irrational Games became part of 2K Games after being bought out by Take 2 Interactive, and on the 10th of August 2007 their studios were renamed as 2K Boston and 2K Australia. Shortly after BioShock was released, rumors arose that many of the staff who had worked on the game were leaving 2K Boston/Australia.

What do you find in the Bathysphere in BioShock?

Inside you discover a bathysphere and descend to the seafloor where arch-capitalist Andrew Ryan’s city sits. Volcanic vents fuel its sprawling Art Deco facilities. Economic liberalism spurred its leading citizens to innovate in the name of prestige and profit; the gene-altering drug ADAM granted them unbelievable abilities and then drove them mad.

Where do you find Andrew Ryan in BioShock?

The sole survivor of an oceanic plane crash, you swim to a lighthouse. Inside you discover a bathysphere and descend to the seafloor where arch-capitalist Andrew Ryan’s city sits. Volcanic vents fuel its sprawling Art Deco facilities.