Does Loreto College have a dress code?

Is there a dress code or uniform? No, Loreto celebrates individuality and diversity. However, we do insist that hoods are not worn inside any of the College buildings.

What grades do you need to get into Loreto College?

College entry requirements

  • 6 GCSEs between 9 to 4 (A*-C) for including 2 of English, Maths or Science.
  • 2 should be at least grade 6 (B)
  • In addition there are some individual course requirements in some subjects. Please see the Courses section of the website for further details.

Is Loreto College a good school?

In its most recent inspection, Ofsted has given Loreto College an overall rating of Outstanding.

Is Loreto College strict?

Loreto was a great experience, a college as strict as school and one that never tolerated indiscipline. Ragging was unheard of and bunking classes was rare. Loreto may curtail some of the independence of a college student but it is a great place to study and learn.

What time does Loreto College start?

College starts at 9am and finishes at 4pm. However, depending on your term time (and if Government guidelines are changed), these times may differ.

How much does it cost to go to Loreto?

Family discounts are applicable – 5% off Tuition Fees only for the second daughter concurrently at Loreto Kirribilli, 10% for the third and subsequent daughter….Tuition Fees.

Kindergarten – Year 2 $17,655
Year 7 – Year 9 $23,325
Year 10 – Year 12 $25,725

Is Loreto a sixth form?

Loreto Grammar Sixth Form is a Catholic community in which all the sixth formers take part; students have daily opportunities to develop their faith through prayer, religious assemblies, Masses and the through following the General R.E. Programme, Aletheia.

What is good about Loreto College?

Progression. Living and learning at Loreto College is a wonderful experience in itself. It is also an excellent preparation for progression to higher education. The intensive help and thorough guidance that Loreto students receive in the process of application to university and further study is outstanding.

What is Loreto College known for?

Loreto College was rated as “Outstanding in every respect” Ofsted 2010. Loreto College has also achieved the AoC Beacon Schools Award. The college has had 5 students gaining places on the Prime Minister’s Global Fellowship programme. It achieved its first student in the inaugural year, 2008.

Is Loreto College good for English?

1. Best Faculty 2. I came to this institution because Loreto has one of the best faculties in Kolkata for English Honours.

Is Loreto a girl school?

Loreto Grammar School is an all-girls Catholic grammar school with academy status in Altrincham, in the borough of Trafford. The school’s values are justice, truth, sincerity, freedom, joy, and more recently excellence and onternationality. At the school there are 1050 students and 100 staff members.

Is Loreto fee paid?

Loretto School fees are as inclusive as possible and extras are kept to a minimum. The day fee includes tuition, numerous activities at School, three-course lunch, tea for pupils staying for activities, games and preps, and internet access. Fees are charged termly, in advance, chargeable extras in arrears.

How can I get in contact with Loreto College?

Fill out the short form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Loreto welcomes contact from students, parents, employers and fellow teachers around the world. If you are a former student, please join out online Loreto alumni LinkedIn community by clicking here.

What is the goal of the Loreto School?

Our goal is to educate the whole person, allowing students to develop employability and life skills that prepares them for their next steps, be that studying at university, a training apprenticeship or employment and beyond. Loreto students once again have been celebrating successes in their A level and BTEC results.

Is there a new website for home Loreto?

Not only is it the end of term, but we also have a brand new website Check it out: Have a great summer!! Not only is it the end of term, but we also have a brand new website Check it out: Have a great summer!!