Does Night Safari come with tram ride?

Inclusions of both the Night Safari tickets Both these tickets get you entry to the Night Safari, one ride on the Night Safari Tram, and access to both the shows.

How long is tram ride at Night Safari?

about 45 minutes
The tram ride is about 45 minutes but most people spend a lot longer once the ride finishes walking back over the trails.

Is Singapore Zoo tram ride unlimited?

Tram Ride. Guests in wheelchairs are welcome, as some of our trams have special slots for wheelchairs. Rides are unlimited. You can purchase tickets online.

How long is the tram ride in Singapore Zoo?

approximately 20 minutes
How long does it take to complete a visit in the park? Our guests spend on average 3 to 4 hours touring the park. The tram takes approximately 20 minutes to complete its route around the park.

How Much Is Night Safari tram ride?


Adult Child Ages 3 to 12
S$ 3.00 S$ 1.00 Children below 3 years old ride for free.

Is Night Safari worth going?

Yes it is popular, and for good reason. Best avoid weekends and School holidays. Most of the animals in the Night Safari are those that are most active at night, and its best to see them when its feeding time.

Is the zoo tram free?

Enjoy complimentary tram rides at Singapore Zoo on weekdays, except on public holidays.

Is River Safari worth going?

So is it worth visiting River Safari? 1. YES:- if you want Quality ” ie the chance to see so many such weird & exotic creatures/monsters from all the major rivers/forests all in one place- & close up. All at a small price of less than S$30.

Which is better river safari or Night Safari?

As you are going for the zoo and bird park, River Safari is a better option in comparison with Night Safari. over a year ago. As you are going to the zoo, River Safari is a better option in comparison to Night Safari.

Is Singapore Zoo better than Night Safari?

Mainly you will see a lot more animals in Singapore Zoo as compared to Night Safari. Depending on your pace, it will take a few hours to walk & see around the whole place. to spend your afternoon in the Day zoo and evening at the Night Safari. If you do plan to go to both attractions.

Which is better night safari or River Safari?

HOW LONG WILL River Safari take?

Will take 3-4 hrs to cover the entire place including all the zonal exhibits. Depending on your interest you can spend longer. Also if it’s a weekend the river quest may have a queue which may add an hr more.

How long is the Singapore Night Safari Tram?

Singapore Night Safari is the World’s first nocturnal wildlife park. During this Safari, which starts after dark, visitors get to explore a 35 hectares nocturnal Zoo on a 40-minute tram ride. With live commentary, the Tram winds its way through four wildlife trails, even as the nocturnal animals roam around freely.

How is the Night Safari at Singapore different?

Night Safari gives a different feel both on foot and on tram where animals are active at night especially Tiger and hyenas pacing up and down. During tram ride, I noticed along the way there were rollers/metal rolls. Not sure if it is for water drainage or in the event that animals are running free that paws will be caught in between these rollers.

Is there a priority tram ride in Singapore?

The park includes both walking trails and a tram expedition that takes you through seven distinct geographical zones with commentary―just use your ticket for quick entry through the priority access line. Don’t miss one of Singapore’s most intriguing and worthwhile attractions.

How much is a ticket to the Night Zoo in Singapore?

The adult ticket costs S$ 3 while kids between 3 to 12 years of age pay only S$ 1. To get to the Night Zoo, Singapore Safari other bus services such as the Safari Gate Buses , Singapore Attractions Express, and StarIsland Travel Buses are also a convenient option. Singapore Night Safari is 30 minutes’ drive from the city center.