Does Van Pelt marry the FBI agent?

She is later seen walking into the elevator at the office, crying and sobbing. In the third season, Van Pelt dates FBI agent Craig O’Laughlin, much to Rigsby’s displeasure. Van Pelt and O’Laughlin get engaged in the episode Blood for Blood, stunning Rigsby, who still loves her.

What was in LaRoche’s Tupperware The mentalist?

Executive producer Tom Szentgyorgi said in an interview “The mystery of what LaRoche has in the Tupperware container in his safe will finally be answered.” It was implied at the end of the episode that the Tupperware container contained the severed tongue of LaRoche’s mother’s rapist.

Does Brenda get caught mentalist?

In Red and Itchy, it is revealed that Brenda is the information leak in the CBI, who was responsible for many high profile criminals getting away, and responsible for stealing J.J. LaRoche’s tupperware container. She is caught in one of Jane’s usual elaborate plans and arrested.

Who was the Red John Killer on The Mentalist?

Red John (shortened as “RJ'”, or “RJK” for “Red John Killer”, in the FBI and CBI case files), is the alias of the central antagonist in The Mentalist during its first six seasons, from Pilot to Red John. While he was alive, Red John was California’s most notorious serial killer, who murdered at least 41 people (and many more by proxies).

Who are the suspects in The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 6?

In season 6, episode 6, Jane rules out both Ray Haffner and Bret Stiles as Red John. Then, we don’t know if anyone was killed by the bomb at Jane’s house. Howewer, the remaining Red John suspects could be:

Who are the Red John suspects in Red Letter Day?

In Red Letter Day Kirkland stole a fake list from Jane, which contained wrong names, as revealed in Red Listed : See also the the category of Red John Suspects .

Who is the man called Red John in Red John?

The man, who is called Timothy Carter, says that he is Red John. He also tells Jane that he wants to quit killing and tells him to stop hunting him, instead he should enjoy life. When Red John wants to leave, Jane asks him how he knows that he’s truly Red John.