It is not far away from the winter session, which will bring the daily experiences to exams, sleepless nights studying the lecture notes and manuals. In this hectic lifestyle, it is important to pay attention to avoid lack of time and, as a result, insecurity stress situations when they respond to the exam or when students tailor-made.


Therefore, we present the five possibilities of the upcoming meeting as “excellent”:

  1. The right diet

When a hard work fulfills the right diet one of the main rolls. In order to improve the level of brain activity necessary nutrients, namely increased amount of protein foods (meat, eggs, fish, legumes) are also important, and carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits and grains), proteins that can be absorbed into the body . Vitamin C in large quantities contained in the kiwifruit, peppers, rose hips and cranberries helps to cope with stress. Dried fruits, dark chocolate and nuts contain minerals and vitamins in the complex refreshing not worse than a cup of coffee.

  1. Sleep

Sleep is necessary for at least 8 hours per day.

It is in the process of sleep information, read the day, moved into the long-term memory department.

Do not forget about the rest: definitely needs an hour or two walk down the road or devote time to train in the air. Every 30 minutes should be distracted from reading, restore vision, or the DC voltage will lead to its rapid fall.

  1. Plan the study material

As in the study of the summary and in the writing of degrees, it is important to distribute the time properly. Before you begin to read books, make a chart that every day you need to study a certain number of questions. Try to keep the plan, and on the last day reserved for a repeat.

  1. Learn the basics instead of disclosures

Remember that checking for your support during preparation should serve as an outline. This is where the teacher for a semester marked the main provisions of the discipline necessary to memorize. So do not be distracted by the private moments of the subjects by reading everything from textbooks and scientific journals. Learn the basics.

  1. Positive

The key to success – trust. At all events, try to be optimistic.

Method of storing:

  • Cribs can be an excellent method of storing when they write with the hand. Study material will mechanically increase the degree of assimilation of knowledge.
  • Simple questions last. This rule will give the chance to free time for the investigation of complex issues, while simple, is already a little familiar, will only be repeated.