How can I improve my pet speaking?

The examiners can’t give you top marks for having reasonable pronunciation and showing potential. Show them how good you are. Use polite, friendly intonation and let them hear you do all the things that will allow them to give you really good marks in your PET Speaking.

How long is the PET speaking exam?

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Paper Content
Reading (45 minutes) See sample paper 6 parts/ 32 questions
Writing (45 minutes) See sample paper 2 parts/ 2 questions
Listening (30 minutes, including 6 minutes’ transfer time) See sample paper 4 parts/ 25 questions
Speaking (12–17 minutes per pair of candidates) See sample paper 4 parts

How can I mark my pet exam?

How to calculate the score for B1 Preliminary (PET)

  1. Reading: 32 items = 32 points (1 item = 1 point) Part 1: 5 items.
  2. Writing: 2 items = 40 points. Part 1: 1 item = 20 points.
  3. Listening: 25 items = 25 points (1 item = 1 points) Part 1: 7 items.
  4. Speaking: 30 points in total (not divided into parts or items).

What is PET examination?

The Cambridge English: Preliminary exam, also known as the PET exam, which stands for Preliminary English Test, is designed for students with intermediate English. Like all of the Cambridge English exams, the PET Exam is a pass/fail test and for those who pass, it delivers a certificate that does not expire.

What is the B1 PET exam?

The B1 Preliminary (PET) is an official intermediate level Cambridge English exam, set at Level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

How long is a B1 exam?

10 minutes
Prepare for your B1 English test The exam is 10 minutes long. There are two parts: Topic: You choose a topic to prepare in advance of the test, for discussion with the examiner. You must complete a Topic Form in advance and bring it with you to the exam.

Does the PET exam expire?

Like all of the Cambridge English exams, the PET Exam is a pass/fail test and for those who pass, it delivers a certificate that does not expire.

What level is the PET exam?

Level B1
The exam is targeted at Level B1 of the CEFR. The examination also provides reliable assessment at the level above B1 (Level B2) and the level below (Level A2).

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What is the Cambridge Preliminary PET speaking test?

The Cambridge Preliminary PET Speaking test is a comprehensive assessment of speaking over 4 parts, both individual and collaborative. The entire B1 PET exam underwent a major overhaul in 2020 and the B1 PET Speaking was also changed. Read more about those changes and the differences between the exams in our post about Cambridge Exam Changes 2020.

What happens in Part 2 of the pet speaking test?

Part 2 of the Preliminary PET Speaking exam is also individual. You have to describe a picture in detail for about a minute. The important thing here is to organise your ideas using linking words ( and, but, so, however, also etc.) It’s also a chance to show off your vocabulary knowledge.

What to do in pet speaking part 4?

The questions in PET Speaking Part 4 can be more difficult than the previous parts of the exam and you don’t have them written down. Listen carefully and, if necessary, ask the examiner to repeat. Relax and try to focus on the individual parts of the exam.

How long is the preliminary speaking sample test?

All the exams are in the updated 2020 format. In Preliminary (PET) Speaking Part 1, you will be asked a couple of personal questions. This interview is individual and lasts for 2-3 minutes. The examiner will always ask your name and where you are from. Then, they will ask a personal question or two about a common topic like your hobbies.