How did Buddy become Syndrome?

Incredible. He also developed “Operation Kronos”, a plan that involved the Omnidroid being sent to the mainland and wreaking havoc on the city in order for Buddy to reveal himself as Syndrome and defeat his own creation, thus becoming a superhero and basking in recognition.

How did Syndrome get rich?

As an adult, he made himself rich by selling his weapons and was able to earn a vast wealth and many henchmen.

How old is Violet?

Violet is a 14-year-old girl with a slender, a small waistline and long legs.

Is Violet Bob’s daughter?

Violet debuted in The Incredibles (2004) as the first-born child and only daughter of Bob and Helen Parr, a pair of retired superheroes known to the world as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. The character has two younger brothers: Dash and Jack-Jack.

Is Violet Edna’s daughter?

According to the popular Incredibles theory, Violet Parr is actually Edna Mode’s daughter. Violet’s black hair and more rounded nose stand out amongst the rest of the family. Bob and Dash have blonde hair, while Helen and Jack-Jack have red hair.

What did syndrome say to mr.incredible?

” You, sir, truly are Mr. Incredible!” “All right, whom did you contact?” Syndrome mocking Mr. Incredible. Oh, this is just too good.” “He might make a good sidekick.” “This is not the end of it. I will get your son eventually. I will get your son!” Syndrome being sucked into the wind turbine of his aircraft. Full body of Syndrome.

What did syndrome say to Elastigirl when he threw him away?

When she storms off anyhow, Syndrome expresses shock and confusion. Syndrome is shown to have a comedic side, as he says that Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl “got busy” when he sees their children and he accidentally throws Mr. Incredible away while he reveals himself to his former idol.

What kind of character is the syndrome from the Outsiders?

Syndrome was a scientific, technological, technical, and mechanical genius, and possessed the intelligence and resourcefulness sufficient to create an incredible variety of weaponry and equipment.

Who are the villains that underestimated syndrome?

Syndrome was still known to underestimate his enemies, such as Elastigirl believing that the missiles would destroy the plane. However, Elastigirl easily outsmarted him by turning into a parachute and saving her kids from falling to their deaths.