How did Chinx die?

Chinx/Cause of death

After the rapper known as Chinx was killed in May 2015, fans mourned him in Queens, where he grew up and where he was gunned down. On Thursday, the police arrested two men and charged them with murder in the killing of the rapper, whose given name was Lionel Pickens.

Is chinx Drugz still alive?

Deceased (1983–2015)
Chinx/Living or Deceased

When did Chinx die?

May 17, 2015
Chinx/Date of death

Who was Chinx signed to?

Riot Squad Inc.
Entertainment One Music
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How old is chinx?

31 years (1983–2015)
Chinx/Age at death

What is chinx nationality?


Who was the rapper Chinx that got shot?

New York (AFP) – Chinx, the New York rapper who won a growing following by turning his bleak experiences as a drug-dealer into verse, was shot dead Sunday. He was 31.

When did Chinx get out of prison Max B?

In late 2008, Chinx was released from prison and through his affiliation with the now deceased Bundles, he met Max B. The following year, Max B would then introduce Chinx to fellow New York rapper French Montana, who was still relatively unknown at the time.

When did Chinx start rapping with Stack Bundles?

Chinx first started rapping with his close friend Stack Bundles while he was in high school, whom he would later form the group Riot Squad with, along with local rappers Bynoe and Cau2Gs. The group started to gain a buzz throughout New York but that ended abruptly in early 2005 when Chinx was sentenced to nearly 5 years in prison.

Who was charged with the murder of Chinx Chinx?

Hill and Homere have each been charged with second-degree murder, second-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault, and two counts of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon. Homere was already in federal custody on charges of robbing a bank in November 2015.