How did the Bee Gees come up with Jive Talkin?

“Jive talkin'” is a term for slang. The rhythm was inspired by the chunka-chunka-chunka sound of a car rolling over a bridge crossing Biscayne Bay near Miami; the Bee Gees went over it on their way to Criteria Studios, where they were recording the Main Course album. This was the first big disco hit for The Bee Gees.

Who wrote Jive Talkin?

Barry Gibb
Maurice GibbRobin Gibb
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What means Jive Talkin?

US slang. deliberately misleading or deceptive talk.

Who played bass on Jive Talkin?

Recording[edit] This combination, with Maurice Gibb on bass and Barry Gibb on rhythm guitar, recorded all the Bee Gees albums of the late ’70s and also went on tour with the group. Recording for “Jive Talkin'” took place on 30 January and 2 February 1975.

What year did Bee Gees release Jive Talkin?

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On this day in 1975, “Jive Talkin’” reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and became the Bee Gees’ first top ten hit in the United States since “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart.”

Who sang the song Jive Talkin?

Bee Gees
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What movie is the song Jive Talkin?

Saturday Night Fever
The original studio version was included on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, as it was used in a scene that was cut from the final film.

Does jive mean agree?

Jive means either a type of music or loose, meaningless chatter. Jibe means to be in accord; agree. To confuse matters, jibe also means to shift your sail from one side of the vessel to the other (sometimes spelled gybe). For common usage, though, remember “jive” as a type of music and “jibe” as agreeing with.

Is jive a bad word?

Jive has enormous versatility in American speech. As a noun, it means a dance performed to swing or jazz music, but it also can mean insincere, pretentious talk, or words meant to flatter or deceive. As an adjective, jive means “worthless,” “phony,” or “contrived.”

Who covered Jive Talkin?

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When did Jive talkin’by Bee Gees come out?

“Jive Talkin’ ” is a song by the Bee Gees, released as a single in May 1975 by RSO Records.

Where did the song Jive talkin’come from?

Origins and recording. The song was originally called “Drive Talking”. The song’s rhythm was modelled after the sound their car made crossing the Julia Tuttle Causeway each day from Biscayne Bay to Criteria Studios in Miami. Recording for “Jive Talkin'” took place on 30 January and 2 February 1975.

Who is singing Jive talkin’by Iron Maiden?

Toward the end of Iron Maiden ‘s song “More Tea Vicar,” Bruce Dickinson sings a bit of “Jive Talkin'” in a Bee Gees-like falsetto, then says, “No, no, no, you got the wrong track! You have to go in the studio next door,” followed by “Okay” in a Bee Gees-like voice.

When did Jive talkin’by Stevie Wonder come out?

Origins and recording. Recording for “Jive Talkin ‘ ” took place on 30 January and 2 February 1975. The scratchy guitar intro was done by Barry and the funky bass line by Maurice. The pulsing synthesiser bass line, which featured in the final recording, was (along with the pioneering work of Stevie Wonder) one of the earliest uses…