How do I check my silver zone Olympiad results?

How to check Silverzone Result 2021-22?

  1. Visit the official website,
  2. Now, click on ‘Check result.
  3. A new window ‘Search your result 2021-22’ will appear on the screen.
  4. Select the respective olympiad’s name (IOM, IIO, IOEL, IOS) and enter name, enrollment number, email address and father/mother name.

What is zonal rank in Silverzone?

So, your zonal rank refers that you have acheived that position among the students of all states of that zones.

What is Olympiad rank in Silverzone Olympiad?

Olympiad Rank Includes all Students from India and Abroad of the same class.

What is the use of silver zone Olympiad?

The Olympiads are conducted to enhance the reasoning, logical, analytical and problem-solving skills of students in a highly competitive and global environment to help build a solid foundation for National and International Competitive Examinations. Good management.

What is the fees for SilverZone Olympiad?

Smart Kid General Knowledge Olympiad (SKGKO)

Schools in Registration Fee per Student per Olympiad Other Charges
India Rs 120 Rs 25 (charged by the schools)
Other Countries US$8 US$2

What is Medal of Distinction in SOF?

Top 25 rank holders from each class & each Olympiad exam will be awarded Medals of Distinction. This will be applicable for winners from 26 Zones for performance in the 1st level Olympiads/ single level Olympiads.

How many levels are there in Olympiad?

The National Olympiad program follows a five and a six-stage process, both for Science and Mathematics although the procedures are not exactly identical.

What is the last date for Olympiad registration 2021?

NSO Registration Important Dates

National Science Olympiad (NSO) Important Dates
NSO Registration Dates June 2021
NSO Registration Ends 15 days before the last date of each exam
NSO Level 1 Exam Dates (Set A) 27th November 2021 28th November 2021
NSO Level 1 Exam Dates (Set B) 11th December 2021 12th December 2021

Which International Olympiad is easy?

Some of the easiest problems that came in IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad) are as follows: IMO 1959 Problem 1: Solved using Euclid’s algorithm. IMO 1964 Problem 1: Solved using simple modulus. IMO 1984 Problem 1: Solved using AM GM inequality.

When is the result of silverzone Olympiads 2019-2020?

4.3Level 1 SilverZone iiO, iOM, iOS Result Result Status 2019-20 – iiO, iOM, iOS and iOEL Declared. Result of other subjects will be declared in the month of February 2020. How to Check Results? Steps :

How to get your result at

For any query, please mail us at result [AT] Other Actions : 1. If you do not know the Enrollment Number, please check your Enrollment Ticket or you may contact your Teacher/School coordinator at your school to get your Enrollment Number.

When do silverzone IOM Level 2 results come out?

Level 2 exam results of the SilverZone IOM exam will be released on the official website on the 2nd week of March 2021. The table below shows the SilverZone Maths Olympiad Results dates. Step 1: Visit the Official Website, ie.

How many Silver Zones are there in the UK?

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