How do I check my SSNIT account online?

How to access and check your SSNIT account statement

  1. Visit
  2. Click MY STATEMENT.
  3. Click Get Access & provide answers to the questions asked.
  4. Please note: If you don’t know the answer to the question, refresh the page for another question (you have three attempts)

How can I create a SSNIT account online?

SSNIT Online Registration

  1. Visit
  2. Click MY STATEMENT.
  3. Click Get Access.
  4. Fill in your details & Click Sign Up.

How do I register for SSNIT portal ID?

Member must have a valid email address as the portal ID and temporary password will be emailed to this email address.

  1. Under the Terminal’s main menu, click on “Portal ID”
  2. Provide your email address.
  3. Click on “Submit” button to complete the request. A confirmation email will be sent to the member’s email address provided.

How can I get my SSNIT ID?

Click on “SELF SERVICE” on the main SSNIT website to go to the Self Service Portal; Page 2 2. On the Self Service Portal, click on the SIGN IN link; 3. Enter the User Name (Portal ID) and the Temporary Password that was emailed to you to proceed.

How do you check if your Ssnit is being paid?

Q: How can a contributor check his SSNIT contribution/records online and as well update beneficiaries?

  1. Request a portal identification number from SSNIT.
  2. Login to the SSNIT website (
  3. Set up your security credentials.
  4. Check your contributions and benefit.

Who qualifies Ssnit?

You must be 55 years and above but below 60 years of age; and. You must have made a minimum contribution of 180 months (15 years) under act 766 and 240 months (20 years) under PNDCL 247.

Who qualifies SSNIT?

Does Ghana have Social Security number?

Employer’s in Ghana are required by law to make mandatory social security contributions on behalf of their employees. For this to work the employees must have a social security number and the employer must to be registered with the Social Security and National Insurance Trust(SSNIT).

How much is Ssnit contribution in Ghana?

Ensure all employees are registered under the Scheme. Make regular contributions on behalf of the workers to SSNIT. Deduct 5.5% of the workers salary every month and add 13% of worker’s basic salary to make 18.5%. Out of the 18.5% the employer is to remit 13.5% to the Trust within 14 days of the ensuing month.

How do I know if my Ghana card is ready?

Follow this guide to Check if your National ID Card is ready for collection: Visit the official website of NIMC for checking National ID Card status, Once on the page, click on the “Proceed” button. This is to ensure that your examination information is correct.

How much is SSNIT contribution in Ghana?

Is SSNIT for only workers?

Membership – SSNIT. Membership of the SSNIT Pension Scheme is open to workers in both private and public sectors. Only Officers and men of the Ghana Armed Forces and Categories of persons explicitly stated by the 1992 Constitution of Ghana are expressly exempted. The scheme is also optional for the self-employed.

How to get a portal ID in SSNIT?

In order to get a portal ID, please go to the nearest SSNIT Branch or the Biometric Terminal and request for an ID. You can also call the SSNIT Contact Centre for assistance. 2. Login u0003To use the Portal ID for the first time, click on the SIGN IN icon on the top right corner.

How to check your SSNIT status in Ghana?

Sign In Have you linked your Ghana Card? Check status here Enter your SSNIT number to check status. Check Status Or

Is there a social security and National Insurance Trust in Ghana?

The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) is a statutory public Trust charged under the National Pensions Act 2008 Act 766 with the administration of Ghana’s Basic National Social Security Pension Scheme and to cater for the first tier of the contributory three-tier scheme

How to access your financial statements with SSNIT?

HomeMore About SSNIT Access your financial statements, past credit statements and link your Ghana Card. Enter your credentials to gain access. Social Security Number Password Get access Forgot Password?