How do I create a subscription report in SSRS?

To create an e-mail subscription. Browse the web portal of a report server (SSRS Native Mode). Navigate to the desired report. Right-click the report and select Subscribe.

What are the different types of subscriptions in SSRS?

SSRS Report Subscriptions SSRS allows you to create two types of subscriptions, i.e., standard subscriptions, and data-driven subscriptions.

How do I check my SSRS data driven subscription error?

Finding Report Subscription Errors

  1. Find the Trace Log. The Trace log files can be found on the SharePoint server, usually here: C:Microsoft SQL ServerMSRS10_50.MSSQLSERVERReporting ServicesLogFiles.
  2. Find the ScheduleID for your Subscription.
  3. Search for the ScheduleID in your Trace Log and find the Error message.
  4. Credits.

What is subscription report?

A report subscription is a report snapshot generated on some defined scheduled time and delivered to the intended audience by the report server. Standard subscription is created by any user having “Manage individual subscriptions” or “View a report” permissions with static values for the parameters.

How to create a data driven subscription in SSRs?

For example, we usually get a request to change the recipient’s email address of the reports. Click on the New subscription and select the data-driven subscription. Select the report delivery method. For example, if we select the email delivery method, it asks us for the data set and parameters values.

Where do I find subscriptions in SSRS report manager?

Please navigate yourself to the Subscriptions tab and select the New Subscription option in SSRS. Once you choose the New Subscription option, the report manager will navigate to the following page. Subscriptions in SSRS supports two types of Delivery options: Windows File Share, and Email. Currently, we haven’t configured the SMTP Email settings.

How are subscriptions used in SQL Server Reporting Services?

Subscriptions are useful in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for report scheduling and delivering reports as per a defined criterion. Users might want the reports in a specific format such as Word, Excel, HTML, PDF, etc.

How does SQL Server Reporting Services ( SSRs ) work?

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) has a great feature called Subscriptions for delivering reports at a specific time or in response to an event. Reporting Services supports two ways of delivering reports: Standard and Data-Driven. The Standard option allows you to send only to a specific email address with specific parameters.