How do I find out if someone is in jail in Virginia Beach?

How to Find Someone in Virginia Beach County Jail. If you suspect someone you know is held at the Virginia Beach County Jail, you can call direct to the jails number (757) 427-8843, and talk to the officer on duty. You can also drive to the facilities location 2501 James Madison BlvdVirginia Beach, VA 23456.

How do I find out if someone is in jail in VA?

To search for an offender in a county or regional jail, visit its page on a county’s, Sheriff’s, or facility website and find the inmate name/population search tool. If there is no way to search the jail population online, contact the facility directly to enquire about individuals held there.

How do you visit someone in Virginia Beach jail?

Inmate friends and family with questions about inmate telephone accounts should visit Global Tel Link (GTL) or contact them by telephone at 877-650-4249. Inmates receive one free five-minute phone call per week. The Virginia Beach Correctional Center offers visitation on-site and online.

How many years is a single life sentence in Virginia?

Any person sentenced to life imprisonment for the first time shall be eligible for parole after serving fifteen years, except that if such sentence was for a Class 1 felony violation or the first degree murder of a child under the age of eight in violation of § 18.2-32, he shall be eligible for parole after serving …

Are Virginia mugshots public?

Virginia attorney general says public can get mug shots, but not from state database. A change to the Virginia FOIA law, passed by the General Assembly in 2013, says law enforcement agencies must provide booking photos, unless doing so would jeopardize an ongoing felony investigation.

Can friends visit inmates?

In general, family members and close relatives are allowed to visit the inmate. For certain categories of inmates, friends who have registered and have been approved by the Prison authorities are allowed to visit the inmates. The Visit Card must be produced at every visit session.

Who is the current sheriff of Virginia Beach?

Sheriff Ken Stolle
About The Sheriff’s Office Under the leadership of Sheriff Ken Stolle, the 500+ appointees of the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office work for the public safety and betterment of Virginia Beach by operating the Correctional Center, providing Courthouse security, serving civil paperwork and volunteering in the community.

How much of your sentence do you serve in Virginia?

Under Virginia law, sheriff’s departments must require inmates to serve 50 percent of their sentences unless there is a mandatory minimum sentence. In most Northern Virginia jails, people will only serve 50 percent of their sentence conditional on their good behavior.

How to get a Virginia Beach city jail phone number?

You will need to know their first and last name in order to get their number. Once you have their number, you can then send them mail, have them call you, and even visit with them. So, one thing you should know about the Virginia Beach City Jail is that you cannot look up a phone number.

Where is the prison in Virginia Beach located?

The mailing address for inmates incarcerated in the Virginia Beach Correctional Center is: Inmate Name and OMS # Virginia Beach Correctional Facility P.O. Box 6098

Where do I Mail my inmate mail in Virginia Beach?

The mailing address for inmates incarcerated in the Virginia Beach Correctional Center is: Inmate OMS numbers are available through our inmate lookup system at All incoming and outgoing inmate mail is subject to inspection and may be opened and searched prior to delivery to the inmate.

How to contact the city of Virginia Beach?

If this is an EMERGENCY, please call 911. To report a non-emergency, please call (757) 385-5000. Non-emergencies include, but are not limited to, abandoned vehicles, and traffic violations. For all nuisance calls to include noise and fireworks complaints please call 311 24/7; if you are outside of the City of Virginia Beach call 757-385-3111.