How do I find out my next court date in NYC?

You can call 1-800-COURTNY (1-800-268-7869) to find out more information about whether New York Courts will be closed due to a weather or other emergency. If you are Juror wondering if you have to report to Jury duty, Jurors can call: 1-800-NY-JUROR (1-800-695-8767) to find out if Court will be open.

What is a calendar number in court?

Calendar Number: The number assigned to a lawsuit by the court when the case is scheduled for trial by the court. It is different from the Index Number that is assigned when the first papers are filed with the County Clerk. A separate fee is charged for the Calendar Number. (

How do I find out my trial date?

Contact the Clerk of the Court. The Clerk’s Office maintains the court records, which includes schedule court dates. Generally, this is public information that can be obtained over the phone and in person.

Are NYC criminal courts open?

NYC Criminal Court remains open for Essential Court Operations – Arraignments & Emergency Applications. All non-essential matters have been adjourned. If you have a Desk Appearance Ticket, C-Summons, or another pending matter you will be notified of your new court date.

Can a case be dismissed at calendar call?

Generally, the defendant is expected to appear for this calendar call, though you should follow your Attorney’s instructions in that regard. If your attorney has been able to convince the State of your innocence, the State may announce a dismissal (also called a Nolle Prosequi) of your charges.

What happens at a calendar call?

Calendar call is a pre-trial meeting that is held by a judge with the attorneys of both the parties in a case to schedule a date for trial or hearing, and to arrange some other pre-trial details. Calendar calls are a standard legal procedure for almost all court cases and are particularly important in criminal cases.

What is the highest court in the state of New York?

The Court of Appeals
The Court of Appeals is New York State’s highest court and court of last resort in most cases. The Court, which sits in Albany, is composed of a chief judge and six associate judges, each appointed by the governor, with the advice and consent of the senate, to a 14-year term of office.

Can I get a certificate of disposition online?

If you need a Certificate of Disposition to Seal Records After 10 Years (CPL 160.59) there is a form that you can fill out online and mail or bring to the Court.

Where is Queens County Criminal Court in Queens?

Queens County Queens Criminal Court 125-01 Queens Boulevard Kew Gardens, NY 11417. Public Transportation Directions Take the E or F train to the Union Turnpike Station. The Q60, Q37, Q74 and Q46 buses all have stops in close proximity to the building. Summons Clerk’s Office (718) 298-0888. Red Hook Community Justice Center

Where to find criminal court calendars in New York?

Search criminal court calendars by court location, date, and court part or judge’s last name. Information is available for all criminal courts in New York City and Nassau and Suffolk Counties, some County Courts, and many City Courts.

When is Queens County Surrogate Court preliminary conference?

Any requests sent by FAX will not be processed and will be returned to the sender. Commencing JANUARY, 2020, the Queens County Surrogate’s Court Calendar Days will be as follows: PRELIMINARY CONFERENCE CALENDAR is scheduled every Monday at 9:30 A.M., – except for holidays.

How to find the New York State Supreme Court Calendar?

Search Supreme Court civil calendars by county, part, justice, or date range. A link to a mobile version is provided. Search Family Court and Integrated Domestic Violence Court calendars by county, court location and date; calendars are displayed by judge and part .Only those cases with pending future appearances are included.