How do I fix Error 104 on Mac?

In order to fix error 104 with this problem, it is necessary to do a check for the list of log-in items, and delete the ones which haven’t been used in currently, and it is also suggested to disable the ones which don’t need to be launch automatically on Mac.

How do I fix an SSL error on my Mac?

Switch off your router and disconnect the power cable from it. Wait for a maximum of 10 seconds. After that, replug the power cable into the router and turn it ON. Reconnect your Mac system to the router and check if the issue has been resolved.

How do I fix a Mac installation error?

Problem: Mac freezes during installation

  1. Shut down, wait a few seconds, then restart your Mac.
  2. Go to System Preferences > Software Update.
  3. Check the Log screen to see if files are being installed.
  4. Try installing the Combo update.
  5. Reset the NVRAM.
  6. Use Recovery Mode to reinstall macOS.
  7. Install the OS from an external drive.

Why is macOS Big Sur failing to install?

Log out of the App Store and log back in. Logging back into the App Store can sometimes fix issues with Big Sur not downloading correctly. Use Recovery Mode. Restart your Mac and hold down Control + R before clicking Disk Mode to restart your Mac in Recovery Mode, then try installing the updates from here.

What does it mean when an SSL error has occurred?

What is an SSL certificate error? An SSL certificate error occurs when a web browser can’t verify the SSL certificate installed on a site. Rather than connect you, your browser will display an error message, warning you that the site may be insecure.

How do you bypass a certificate error on a Mac?

Note: if you’re still getting this issue after installing the cert, try to edit in keychain access app: locate the cert that you just installed and double click to open the cert, expand “Trust” and change “When using this certificate” option to “Always Trust” close it and refresh the page again, it should work.

How do I fix Error 102 on Mac?

The main Error 102 Mac fix revolves around finding the problematic app that triggers the error and uninstalling/reinstalling it. If this Error 102 Mac fix doesn’t work, you can also try cleaning the Startup items, deleting junk files, and checking for hardware damage.

Why is my Mac not letting me download apps?

Log out of the App Store on your Mac (Menu Bar >  > App Store, then Store > Sign Out). Reboot your Mac. Reopen the App Store, and log back in with your Apple ID (Store > Sign In).

What happens if you tell BitLord to download a file?

So if you tell BitLord to download a file, it’ll download all of the pieces within that file, and if one of those pieces is shared with another file, that file will also be created, although not necessarily entirely downloaded. I lost data on force recheck? Force recheck discards all incomplete pieces.

What happens if you disable Auto managed on BitLord?

This means that it obeys BitLord’s queue settings. By disabling “auto managed”, a torrent will become active (i.e. start downloading/uploading). It will still be be bound by the stop ratio though. Note: All active torrents (including those not “auto managed”) are counted in the total active queue settings.

Is there an equivalent to force start in BitLord?

This means that if the total number of active torrents (“auto managed” and not) exceed the limit for total active torrents in the queue settings, BitLord will automatically queue any “auto managed” torrents until the limit is no longer exceeded. Does BitLord have an equivalent to “Force Start”?

How can I Check my upload speed on BitLord?

You can then tweak those settings to suit your connection. See Bandwidth Tweaking. Note: if you do not know your upload speed, go to and run a test. You can view the results in KB/s by choosing “kilobytes” for “Speed Measurement” which can be accessed under “Settings” in the top left corner of the page.