How do I get this year in PHP?

To get the current year using PHP’s date function, you can pass in the “Y” format character like so: //Getting the current year using //PHP’s date function. $year = date(“Y”); echo $year; //Getting the current year using //PHP’s date function.

What is the date format in PHP?

Localized Notations

Description Format Examples
American month and day mm “/” dd “5/12”, “10/27”
American month, day and year mm “/” dd “/” y “12/22/78”, “1/17/2006”, “1/17/6”
Four digit year, month and day with slashes YY “/” mm “/” dd “2008/6/30”, “1978/12/22”
Four digit year and month (GNU) YY “-” mm “2008-6”, “2008-06”, “1978-12”

Does PHP do until?

Difference between while and do-while loop

while Loop do-while loop
Condition checks first, and then block of statements executes. Block of statements executes first and then condition checks.
This loop does not use a semicolon to terminate the loop. Do-while loop use semicolon to terminate the loop.

How to get the current date and time in PHP?

Getting the Date and Time in String Format. It takes the desired output format for the date as the first parameter and an integer as a timestamp value which needs

  • you will need to get the value of the current Unix timestamp in PHP.
  • Convert a Datetime String to a Timestamp.
  • Subtracting and Comparing Dates.
  • How to set local time with PHP?

    or TextEdit to open the file.

  • .
  • Find the setting date.timezone =.
  • remove the semicolon.
  • Add a time zone code after the equal sign.
  • Restart the web server.
  • What time zone is PHP?

    PHP’s Default Timezone. The default timezone is UTC and it is set in the php.ini file. UTC is “Coordinated Universal Time,” formerly referred to as “ Greenwich Mean Time ” or GMT.