How do I know if Data Guard is running?

To determine if real-time apply is enabled, query the RECOVERY_MODE column of the V$ARCHIVE_DEST_STATUS view. SELECT RECOVERY_MODE FROM V$ARCHIVE_DEST_STATUS; The V$DATAGUARD_STATUS fixed view displays events that would typically be triggered by any message to the alert log or server process trace files.

How do I enable Active Data Guard?

Steps to Enable Active Data Guard Option

  2. Shutdown and start the database in Mount Mode.
  3. Open the database in Read-Only Mode.
  4. Start the Redo Apply. (
  5. Now that the standby is in real-time query mode (the standby is open in read-only.

How do I turn off Active Data Guard?

Deactivating of oracle active data guard feature requires setting of hidden parameter _query_on_physical to false. Ensure to set the parameter in both primary as well as standby database. Its a static parameter and therefore will be effective only after restart of the database hence downtime required.

What is Active Active Data Guard?

Active Data Guard is a comprehensive solution to eliminate single points of failure for mission critical Oracle Databases. It prevents data loss and downtime simply and economically by maintaining a synchronized physical replica (standby) of a production database (primary).

How do I check if standby is enabled?

On the primary database, check the last sequence that is generated. SQL> select max(sequence#) from V$archived_log; 4. On the standby database, check the last sequence that is applied….Using DGbrocker.

  1. Set proper ORACLE_SID, ORACLE_HOME.
  2. dgmgrl.
  3. connect /
  4. show configuration;
  5. show database ‘DB name’;

How do I check my data guard gap?

Step by Step Process to Resolve gap on the Standby database.

  1. Check the name and status of database.
  2. Check for GAP on standby.
  3. Check redo received on standby.
  4. Check redo applied on standby.
  5. Identify missing archive log files.
  6. Copy archive log files.
  7. Register archive log files with standby.

How do I start an active standby database?

To open a standby database for read-only access when it is currently shut down:

  1. Start the Oracle instance for the standby database without mounting it: SQL> STARTUP NOMOUNT;
  2. Mount the standby database: SQL> ALTER DATABASE MOUNT STANDBY DATABASE;
  3. Open the database for read-only access: SQL> ALTER DATABASE OPEN READ ONLY;

Is Data Guard active active?

Active Data Guard is licensed option to the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and enables advanced capabilities that extend the basic Data Guard functionality. Real-Time Query and DML Offload uses the standby database for queries, reports and occasional updates without impacting protection of the primary.

What is difference between Data Guard and Active Data Guard?

The main difference between Oracle Data Guard and Active Data Guard is that Oracle Data Guard is an extension to the Oracle RDBMS that provides data availability and protection while Active Data Guard is an extension of Oracle Data Guard that improves the production database performance for critical transactions.

How do I check logical standby sync status?

If you would like to know the brief status of the logical standby sql apply status, we can query “v$logstdby_state” this view provides consolidated information from views v$logstdby and v$logstdby_stats.

How can I tell if my database is in standby mode?

One can easily check via SELECT database_role FROM v$database; whether your Oracle database is a primary or standby database.

How to verify if Active Data Guard ( ADG ) is enabled?

To help identify if Active Data Guard (ADG) is enabled on a Standby database. To view full details, sign in with your My Oracle Support account. Don’t have a My Oracle Support account? Click to get started!

What does Active Data Guard do in Oracle 11g?

The Active Data Guard Option available with Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition enables you to open a physical standby database for read-only access for reporting, for simple or complex queries, sorting while Redo Apply continues to apply changes from the production database to the standby database.

What does active DataGuard in Physical standby database mean?

Active dataguard means, the standby database is open with read only mode, even when redo logs are getting applied in real time. Below are the benefit of using active dataguard. Reporting queries can be offloaded to standby database.