How do I program my GE CL4 remote?

Press and hold the “Setup” button on your GE universal remote control until the red light turns on. Release the button. Press the “TV” button on your remote and type in the CL3 or CL4 code. As a test, press the “TV” button on the remote, then press the “Volume Up” or “Volume Down” button.

What is a 4 device remote?

Universal Remotes. 4-Device. Settle in for the night with the Philips 4-Device Universal Remote. No longer worry about keeping track of multiple controllers – the remote is designed to control four separate devices, including your TV, Blu-ray™ player, cable, satellite and more.

How do I program my GE 33709 4 device universal remote?

ge 33709 universal remote codes

  1. Manually turn on the device (TV, VCR, DVD, etc.)
  2. Press and hold the CODE SEARCH/SETUP button on the remote until the INDICATOR LIGHT lights, then release.
  3. Press and release the button for the device you are programming (TV, VCR, DVD, etc.).

How do I program a universal remote without a remote?

Common method #4: Press and hold the power button and device key simultaneously until the LED blinks or remains lit, then release and repeatedly press the power button until the device turns on or off, then press the device key (sometimes the stop button) to save the setting.

How to program a Universal TV remote control?

To program a Universal or TV remote control: See the links below and find the brand and model of your remote control. You can also check the remote programming instructions included in the packaging of your remote or find a YouTube video for your specific model number remote.

How to program the Konka TV universal remote?

“Turn on” the remote, tap on the device button (TV, DVD, CBL and OK/SEL) for 3 seconds. The LED light indicates the device is ready to program. Point out the remote to device and click on “CH+” & “CH-“ switches. Remote will show on/off signals.

How do you find the universal remote code?

In the auto search method, all the universal remote codes are gone through scanning process in the remote. It scans one code at a time to find out the correct remote code that works with your remote to program the control. Follow the instructions given below:

What is the model of the GE Universal Remote?

Have a GE universal remote model 8223 it say cl3 in side with many other numbers but the 2415 isn’t doing anything. An it’s for a blue ray DVD player I’m trying to get to work. I have a GE tv remote without setup button or lights that flash, how can I set it to control my audio receiver to?