How do I turn a Line into a shape in AutoCAD?


  1. Click on the ‘Home’ tab and go to the ‘Modify’ panel.
  2. On the command line type M for ‘Multiple’ then select the polyline, spline, line, or arc to to be joined together and press ‘Enter’.
  3. Then at the prompt of ”Convert Lines, Arcs and splines to Polylines?’

How do you make a Line polyline?

Converting a PolyLine to a Line In order to convert an existing multisegmented polyline to a line. Select the line the press the explode button on the ribbon – this will convert the line to a multi-segmented set of basic lines – each of which can be edited seperately.

What is the difference between Line and PLine in AutoCAD?

A polyline is what a line appears to be; each segment is connected to form a single object. Use the PLine command rather than the Line command in most cases where you need to draw a series of connected line segments. If you’re drawing a series of end-to-end segments, those segments may well be logically connected.

How do you use Pedit commands?

AutoCAD Tutorial: How to Join Lines using the pedit command

  1. The process is fairly simple.
  2. Type in ‘pedit’
  3. Hit enter.
  4. Use ‘m’ enter to select multiple line segments.
  5. Select all the lines you would like to join.
  6. and hit enter to (y) to convert your lines to polylines if necessary.

What is difference between line and Pline command?

The first, it’s important to note the difference between a line or line segment, and a polyline. A line is simply a separate line or segment that is not joined to another line. While a Polyline indicates two or more lines have been joined.

What is difference between line and spline?

Spline Chart is one of the most widespread data visualization types. It looks very similar to the Line Chart type of data visualization. The core difference between them is that data points in a Spline Chart are connected with smooth curves instead of straight lines.

Why is AutoCAD not joining lines?

Causes: Objects have gaps or do not have connecting points because of different elevations. Use the UNITS command and increase the precision to maximum. Examining the lines, the Properties palette will show Start Z / End Z or Elevation values, potentially of a minute amount.

How do you split a line in AutoCAD?

Click Home tab Draw panel Point drop-down Divide . Find.

  • or spline.
  • Enter the number of intervals. A point is placed between each interval.
  • How to combine lines in AutoCAD?

    The process is fairly simple.

  • Type in ‘pedit’
  • Hit enter
  • Use ‘m’ enter to select multiple line segments
  • Select all the lines you would like to join
  • and hit enter to (y) to convert your lines to polylines if necessary
  • width and a few others.
  • What are the basic commands in AutoCAD?

    Basic AutoCAD commands: L – L stands for the line, the very basic command to draw a line. C – C to draw a circle. REC – REC is for the rectangle, you can draw a rectangle in AutoCAD using this option. ARC – This command is used to create the arc in AutoCAD.

    How does the convert line to polyline?

    How to convert LINE to Polyline. To convert LINE to Polyline, you need to use the PEDIT command, which makes it more complicated than doing the opposite operation. Here is how to do it: Type PEDIT and Press ENTER. Type M and Press Enter. Select objects and Press Enter. Press Enter. Type J and Press Enter.