How do I use Livescribe Echo?

Turn on your smartpen and use the tip of the pen to tap on the “record” button. Smartpen has started recording and you can start taking notes. If you want to pause the recording, click pause, and when you want to resume, click record again and smartpen will continue recording from where it left off.

How do I use Livescribe notebook?

To assign a notebook:

  1. Run Livescribe+.
  2. Verify the smartpen is paired (if not, tap the “Device Pairing” button on the opening page of your Livescribe 3 notebook to put your pen back into pairing mode and restart Livescribe+).
  3. Tap the pen icon in the upper right corner.
  4. Tap on “Assigned Notebooks >”.

How does an Echo pen work?

The pen works by recording its location using tiny dots on the paper. You can also print your own dot-embedded paper using a laser printer; this functionality is built into the Livescribe Desktop application.

How do I setup my Livescribe Echo pen?

Make sure your smartpen is charged. Use the USB cable and connect it to a computer or USB AC wall adapter. Creating your Livescribe Account is the first step when setting up your Livescribe wifi smartpen. Link your Livescribe wifi smartpen with the Evernote account where you’d like your notes sent.

How do I sync livescribe?

Tap the “Device Pairing” button on the inside cover of the Livescribe 3 Starter Notebook. The LED will start blinking green. Start Livescribe+ on the second device. For Android, you do not need to restart Livescribe Link.

How does Livescribe paper work?

How does dot paper work? The camera located at the tip of the smartpen takes a continuous series of photographs of 6 x 6 dots, spaced 0.3mm apart, creating images of 1.8 x 1.8mm grids of 36 dots. The camera takes 72 snapshots per second, sufficient to capture and recreate handwriting.

How does a live scribe pen work?

In the case of taking notes during a discussion or lecture, the smartpen records the conversation and digitizes the handwriting, automatically synching the ink and audio. By later tapping the ink, the smartpen replays the conversation from the exact moment the note was written.

How do I connect my Livescribe Echo pen to my computer?

Running Livescribe Desktop

  1. On your desktop, double-click the Livescribe Desktop shortcut or go to Start > Programs > Livescribe > Livescribe Desktop.
  2. Connect your USB mobile charging cradle (for Pulse smartpens) or Micro-USB cable (for Echo smartpens) to your computer and dock your smartpen.

How do I set up livescribe?

You will set up your Livescribe and Evernote accounts, then link them to your smartpen. You will download Livescribe Helper to install your first required smartpen update….Create Your Livescribe Account

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the email address you wish to use with Livescribe.
  3. Enter a password.

How do you record a pencast on Livescribe?

To start recording a pencast, simply tap the record button that appears at the bottom of each page of your Livescribe notebooks with your smartpen. Using the microphone on your Echo smartpen, everything will be recorded and automatically linked to all your notes and sketches.

Where to find the support page for Livescribe?

To open the Livescribe Support page: From a web browser, go to, or Within Echo Desktop, go to the Help menu. You can view release notes for all Livescribe products here: From the Livescribe Support site, you can search and browse the Livescribe Knowledge Base.

How does the Livescribe work on the smartpen?

Your Livescribe smartpen synchronizes the audio you hear to what you write, so you never miss a word. Just tap on your notes and the smartpen plays back what you recorded from that exact moment in time.

Where can I find the release notes for Echo?

Within Echo Desktop, go to the Help menu. You can view release notes for all Livescribe products here: From the Livescribe Support site, you can search and browse the Livescribe Knowledge Base. There you can find answers to many of your questions.