How do you beat Tatooine swoop race?

I found the best and easiest way to win a swoop race (so far I’ve won the three tiers on Tatooine) is to keep hitting the A button as fast as you can. It seems you cannot shift too quickly so that method will get you the fastest shift possible.

Where can you swoop race in Kotor?

You’re first introduced to swoop racing on Taris, where you must win the annual swoop gang race between the Hidden Beks and the Black Vulkars to complete the search for Bastila.

How do you get to the Sith base manaan?

There are three ways to enter the Sith Base, interrogating the prisoner, decrypting the passcard and raiding the landing bay. If you have good persuade/force persuade skills you may find it easiest to talk with the prisoner. Go into the doors behind Roland and you’ll see the prisoner.

Where is the swoop track on Manaan?

Ahto City swoop track
The Ahto City swoop track was a swoop racing venue in the center of Ahto City on the planet Manaan.

How do you trigger the side quest in bastila?

You need to wander around the landing areas with Bastila in tow to trigger the meeting to progress the quest.

How do Sith prisoners talk?

Speak to the man at the front desk in the embassy to get access to the Sith spy being held. Use your Persuasion options to interrogate him. When the interrogation begins, you will be presented with a set of responses to select between for each question.

What happens if you poison the shark Kotor?

If you poisoned the shark, you’ll be permanently banned from Manaan unless you do not give self-incriminating answers to the court (see above), and threaten them in turn. If you destroyed the station, you’ll have their respect and gratitude. Simply tell the truth, because lying will not help in this case.

Is there swoop racing on Korriban?

QUESTION: Is there Swoop Bike racing on Korriban? ANSWER: No, there is not. Then complete all of the 3 racing tiers on Tatooine.

Where do you find the side quests in Manaan?

Usually I don’t see reason to wait, especially since some of your actions can possibly get you banned from the planet. To get this quest you must first have defeated Calo Nord, after which you need to meet Senni Vek. Accept the datapad that he offers you and then go talk to Hulas in East Central Manaan.

Where do you find the footlocker in Manaan?

If Bastila is with you it will automatically succeed. For more concrete evidence proceed east, kill their Master, and loot the room behind him (mind the deadly plasma mine there). The footlocker contains a datapad which provides the proof necessary. Just bring it to them and they’ll leave netting you some LSP.

How do you get to Selkath youth in Manaan?

Now that you’ve finished the preliminaries continue with the main quest until you enter the Sith Embassy. Once there, there are two ways to get to the Selkath youth. The first way is to go to the east to the Flow Control Room, clearing out enemies as you go.

How to defeat the giant firaxa shark in Manaan?

They’ll give you two options for defeating the giant Firaxa shark, use poison or destroy the harvester. Continue north and go out another pressure door to the ocean floor. Walk east to the Kolto Control Panel. You can use it to either feed toxin into the vents (dark side points), or use the tank pressure controls.